Beauty in Medals

Trophies are not only something to win and show off.. Medals are something of absolute beauty. Being on stage and getting that 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place medal placed around your neck is a moment you will never forget and is one of the most glorious moments. These are the moments that make everything worth while, and push all the blood sweat and tears that went into it aside and make you realize why you do what you do and why you love what you do.

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Pushing yourself to the limit is one of the best things you can do. Push yourself not only to be the best, but find out how good you really can be and find out who you really are in the process. When you are working hard for something it really makes you realize what is important in life and also who you are as a person. For us, pushing ourselves to offer the best awards is what we love and when we see winners, that is what makes us realize how much we love what we do.

A lot of times people don’t really know what to do with their medals once they get home. You can show off your medals just as easy as you can show off your trophies and other awards. There are a lot of fun ways to do this also! Here are some different ways to show off your medals.

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 4.52.13 PMWe have our 11 Row Challenge Coin Display Rack that can hold about 100 coins / medals! People often have a lot of medals, so this is definitely a great way to show them all off, especially if they don’t all have straps to go along with them. The dark wood and black and customizable brass medal plate will compliment all of your shinning medals.

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 4.56.32 PMWe also have some tack boards that can show off your medals and pins as wall decor. There are different wood stains, as well as different sizes. This is our 3 door display, but they also come in 1 and 2 door displays.

Here is also something fun we found to jazz up the space around the medals to make it a complete wall set. We love the idea of hanging all the medals from a pole of some sort even maybe a hockey stick or baseball bat. Then add some pictures or other memorabilia around the medals to really make it a show off wall.


Show Off Your Trophy

Screen Shot 2014-12-28 at 5.14.10 PMWe love seeing when people can show off their beautiful trophies, awards and anything significant. Hearing that trophies often go unseen and stuck in the closet breaks our hearts. Show off everything you have ever worked so hard for, and show off anything that reminds you of a time that makes you happy or the journey you went through! The best decorations around the house or office are the ones that bring happy memories and joyful thoughts.

Trophies are amazing by themselves, but to compliment them, items from a sport and pictures from a sport or group really looks great next to them. They can give your display a variety, color contrast and dimension! Different items really work together and will give you even more amazing memories.

Send us a picture of your trophy display or sports memorabilia that makes you happy every time you look at it! We will post you on our facebook for everyone to see!

Dancers and Cheer Leaders — We Do Appricate You!

One of the worst parts about being a cheer leader or a dancer is that one statement that kills every dancer or cheerleader inside…

               “Dancing is not a sport.”

                                                          “Cheer leading is not a sport.”


If you are a dancer or cheer leader we don’t even have to tell you how much these words are like nails on a chalkboard. Seeing as how we offer dance and cheer awards and trophies, we don’t need to prove that we know they are sports and hard ones to say the least. These two sports are so underestimated. Dancers and cheer leaders work tirelessly for hours in order to learn and perfect amazing routines. These athletes bodies are pushed to the limits when they are throwing themselves in the air trusting they will not only land safely but beautifully. They twist and stretch their bodies in ways you could never imagine that end out looking amazing, beautiful and powerful. TrophyCentral applauds all dancers and cheer leaders of all sorts because we understand how hard you work and we would like to put that phrase to rest once and for all!

We have some really beautiful dance and cheer trophies that would look great on any shelf.

qtballencBallet is one of the most beautiful dance styles and also one of the hardest to master, so if you are able to go up on stage and show off all of your beautiful ballet techniques then getting an award for that should be just as beautiful and just as rewarding.

iachrfSomething that a lot of people don’t realize is how much more most cheer leaders do and how much more they are capable of. Most of the time people often only see the football game sideline routines, and something that they are missing out on are the competitions. Cheer competitions would blow anyone away with how much talent there is in one room. Winning a cheer trophy really shows how much work you have put in.



Check out this amazing Cheer video to see for yourself!

Cheer Extreme

Display Your Pride For The Holidays

Thinking of new gifts to get someone each year can definitely get difficult. This is all so true especially when you get that certain someone who gives you this…

“What do you want for Christmas?”

                                                                     “I don’t know…”


Well that is just so helpful isn’t it? Thinking of something to get for your loved ones and friends for holidays seems like there is a whole lot of pressure these days. People often forget that we offer more than just trophies, and we actually have a lot of gifts that would be great for Christmas and the holidays. Something that would be great for someone who has a sentimental sports item. Do you know someone who has a football from a winning game or some sort of memorabilia they acquired many years ago? We have so many different cases that will hold any sort of sports memorabilia that would make for the most perfect gift. Get that precious item off the dresser and into a beautiful glass case to show off properly.

Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 11.16.13 PMWe not only have these amazing football cases, but we also have display cases for really any sport. Some of them include hockey, baseball, basketball, soccer, and so many more! You can show off whatever you would like!

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 3.03.38 PMHockey pucks are something so fun to collect. Scoring that game winning goal in hockey is one of the most amazing feelings. Pushing yourself to that last minute will take everything you’ve got, but it is all worth it in the end. This is our Three puck display case that will show off your most proud moment. We also offer single and double cases.

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 3.02.54 PMBaseball memorabilia is always something that can be turned into a hobby. People often have very old baseballs from home runs, or signed baseballs or really any sort of baseball from a memorable game. Catching a home run baseball is one in a life time kind of thing, so why wouldn’t you want to keep it safe and show it off appropriately? This baseball display case allows for two baseballs and then a place for that amazingly rare baseball card! We have various different sizes for baseball cases as well as bat cases.