Show Off Your Trophy

Screen Shot 2014-12-28 at 5.14.10 PMWe love seeing when people can show off their beautiful trophies, awards and anything significant. Hearing that trophies often go unseen and stuck in the closet breaks our hearts. Show off everything you have ever worked so hard for, and show off anything that reminds you of a time that makes you happy or the journey you went through! The best decorations around the house or office are the ones that bring happy memories and joyful thoughts.

Trophies are amazing by themselves, but to compliment them, items from a sport and pictures from a sport or group really looks great next to them. They can give your display a variety, color contrast and dimension! Different items really work together and will give you even more amazing memories.

Send us a picture of your trophy display or sports memorabilia that makes you happy every time you look at it! We will post you on our facebook for everyone to see!

Winter Sports


Winter sports are in full force! No matter what sport you may be in, you are working so hard! We especially salute the people who partake in winter sports because you are not only working so hard in your sports, but you are also dealing with school and the cold! Being able to balance a sport while being in school is outstanding. Time management is something very hard to learn, but being in a sport during school is something that can definitely help with that!

We love all sports, but some of our most popular winter sports are hockey, football, and gymnastics.

qtfootyrHockey… Oh that great northern sport that we all can’t wait for. It seems that every year it just gets better and better. If you play hockey or are apart of a hockey family you know that hockey is definitely more of a life than just a sport. Hockey is definitely a sport that brings everyone together and really creates that bond. Being able to have something to show for all the hard work is the smallest thing we could do for you and your team. We have so many hockey trophies to remind you of all your hard work and the friendships you have created over the season.

wss667Football is something that we all love to cheer for. Getting together at the high school and cheering for everyone we know is so much fun and really brings everyone together. Everyone is able to feel as if they are apart of something even if they aren’t on the team. We understand how much of an impact being on a team is for people and having something to show forth all of the hard work and dedication that has been put into it is really great. Being able to show off a trophy in the school display case is also amazing. It really holds that amazing legacy that will be left behind and always remembered.

qtgym3cA sport that is under recognized sometimes is gymnastics. We often forget how amazing gymnasts really are. Gymnasts are some of the strongest people all while having such grace and elegance. It is also such a tough sport because there is so much time and effort put in throughout the year all for a couple short exercised that has to be perfect, and we applaud this. Flawlessness is key and we have gymnastic trophies that will remind you that you are capable of this. That minute and a half was all worth it.



Unconventional Trophies and Awards

When you think of trophy do you immediately think of a sport like football, baseball or basketball? Most people do, but something that we take pride in is our large variety of different kinds of trophies. We offer trophies for pretty much everything. Just a small list of our more unconventional trophies include broomball, livestock / animal / tractor, and sailing trophies.

qtbroomncBroomball is a sport similar to ice hockey as it is played on a hockey rink with two teams. Each team has six players on the ice and the object of the game is to get the ball into the opponents net. The difference between hockey and broomball is that there are no ice skates, a small ball is used rather than a puck, and they use sticks with rubber ends shaped like brooms rather than hockey sticks. This is a fun recreational game for anyone to play. Being able to offer a trophy at the end of a fun broomball game or season will be a fun way to wrap up all of the fun you had with your team and friends.

qtsteer3cPeople may not know, but competing in livestock / animal / and tractor competitions is really a big thing. People work so hard to get their animals into the perfect condition for showing. People commonly show their pigs, cattle, chickens, horses, goats and plenty more. These competitions consist of judges looking at muscle, structural correctness, frame size, style and balance of the livestock. People take a large pride in their farm animals, and work so hard to get them looking perfect for competition. We have a great selection of livestock trophies just for this, and just like any other competition, a trophy is definitely something the winner is going to want to show off.

qtsailboatttWhen most people think of sailing, they probably think of it as a leisure activity that is relaxing, but little do these people know that there is a large competition for sailing. There are different varieties of competitive sailing, but the main goal of the competition is a race between the sailboats. Competitive sailing requires talent and skills just like any other sport or activity, and that is why we offer a beautiful selection of sailing trophies, that any sailor would want to show off.


Maybe after hearing about just a few of our unconventional trophies we have to offer, maybe it will get you up to try a new activity and broaden your spectrum!

August 2014 Contest


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We are giving away a $100 gift certificate to We want to give our TrophyCentral trophy holders a chance to win again! After you have worked so hard to win your trophy, we would like to see you and your trophy and share it for everyone to see. Not only are we going to share it, but we are going to award you with a $100 TrophyCentral Gift Certificate!
All you have to do is post a picture of yourself or your team with your trophy to either Facebook or Twitter, or send us a picture via Facebook or Twitter. With that picture, hashtag #TrophyCentralPhoto. After we have all the photo submissions we will choose our trophy holder of the month and award them with a $100 TrophyCentral Gift Card. We will announce the winner at the end of the August 2014 month. Contest-flyer-web

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Top School Trophies

Can you believe that it’s almost the end of another school year? March is nearing its end, and the “100th Day of School” was celebrated months ago. Graduation invitations are already being mailed out and kids are working on plans for summer–whether that includes a summer job, a family vacation, or a fun sport or activity.

The end of the school year is a perfect time to reflect on what was learned and accomplished. It’s a big deal to do well in school, and we think that academic achievements should be celebrated!

We have some fantastic school-related trophies here at Trophy Central.

Here are some of our top school trophies:



1. This is a classic lamp of knowledge and learning. It represents academic excellence in schools all around the world. This particular trophyA comes with a marble base and free engraving. It is the perfect trophy for a team or individual award for younger children. It measures approximately 4″ tall and its versatility makes it extremely popular.

2. As we mentioned before, graduation is quickly approaching. We are super excited for the class of 2014 and wish them all luck on the exciting and upcoming journey into the real world! A graduation trophy is a great way to remember accomplishments in high school and awarded at graduation time (such as graduating with honors). This trophy is part of out Resin Trophy Series and is made of sculptured resin and is hand painted and lacquered. This comes with three lines of engraving and can be ordered with a male or female figurine.




3. This is another popular one for us. Although not a traditional trophy, this honor student medal is very popular. It has a colorful insert and gold frame. You are able to have optional engraving on the back for just $0.69. Additional customization options include the choice of ribbon type and color , whether or not you want the ribbon attached, and if you’d like to order a box to go with it. Report cards come out soon, so get yours in time to reward those with the grades to qualify as an honor student!