Personalize For The Holidays

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 12.04.16 PMAre you tired of getting the generic gifts for friends and family? Going off of their Christmas list is nice because you can get them what they want, but it also takes away that element of surprise and personalization. Getting someone something that is really just meant for them, and shows how much you care for them is really the best gift.

Something that surprises many people is our large selection of personalized products. These make for some of the best gifts. We have jewelry, bags, picture frames and more that can all be personalized just how you would like it.

Making someone feel special is the ultimate gift. We know moms, dads and grandparents would absolutely love a personalized picture frame whether it is a holiday one or some other theme we have to offer. You know you couldn’t go wrong with this.

Check out our personalized section to see all of our products that would make for amazing holiday gifts!

Best Christmas Gift Is A Trophy Room

Want to give him the ultimate Christmas gift? Give him his own man cave / trophy room! Get all of his trophies out of the storage and into his own glory room. Who wouldn’t want to come in here, watch TV, reminisce on the glory days and all you have accomplished with the people you love, and really just relax? Display cases are the best way to show off a trophy, and a man cave is the best place to put them!

Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 7.23.31 PMCheck out all of our other Trophy creations on our Polyvore!

Show Off Your Trophy In the Right Display


Now that football is over with for high school, we are going to need a place to show off all of the trophies, and awards we have won this past year as well as the previous years. We always push the notion of what it feels like to be on a team… and we always will. Whether you win or lose, having something to remind you of all your hard work is one of the greatest things. The best part about a trophy is the memories that come with it. I’m sure for most of you, you can look at a specific trophy; remember what it was won for, along with a flooding of memories of what it took to get there.

Having a protective place for your trophies is something that will preserve your memories for a lifetime. Not only do we have cases to protect these awards, but these cases also show off your trophy in the most beautiful way.

football display, football case, clear football caseOne of our favorite cases is for the all time sentimental football. We have an upright glass football display case that will make any football look elegant, and give it its rightful glory. If something like this is so important to you, then why wouldn’t you treat it with the importance it deserves?

603 trophy case, display caseWe also have a trophy case for the larger amount of trophies, awards and sentimental items. For the people who have gone above and beyond, and have more trophies than your dresser can handle, we have a Waddell Contempo 603 Wall-Mounted Trophy Case to hold them all. These are great for trophy / sports rooms or for the school or office.

meddis cas 1, medal display, pin display, award displayIf you are in a sport or organization that awards medals more than trophies, we accommodate for that as well! It is always such a shame when beautiful medals or pins are just thrown in a draw and not shown off like they are supposed to be. We have a amazing pin display case that will show off all of your pins. The dark wood and black background will compliment the medal, really making them shine.


Employee Recognition – Now More Than Ever!

Typically, employee morale is dictated by a variety of factors, including: compensation, workplace culture, direct management, the type of work they perform, and recognition. Each of these attributes, as well as some smaller ones, plays a significant role in how employees feel about their jobs and work.

In general, it is desirable to have a good balance between all of the above factors, although employees place different values on each. Some may tolerate a boring job that pays a high salary (maybe a finance executive), while others will accept a low salary to do something they are passionate about (perhaps an artist). Even recognizing that employees have different value systems, when one element is missing or out of line, it could spell trouble. A company may get away with no salary increase for a year or two, but beyond that, even the wealthiest of employees will feel as though they are being treated unfairly. Similarly, a manager who forgets to say thank you once or twice may go unnoticed, but those who never recognize their employees are likely to be the subject of water cooler conversation.

It is a managers responsibility to keep a pulse on employee morale and to take compensating actions when environmental factors require doing so. For example, with the US economy currently in a recession, many companies are unable to pay bonuses or salary increases, it is even more essential that managers recognize and thank employees who are going the extra mile. Managers and leaders should consider a certificate, trophy or an award plaque when monetary compensation is limited or in addition to monetary recognition. To make the recognition more meaningful, the employee should be presented their award in the presence of their peers.


SOURCE:  Neil Rader, Founder & President, TrophyCentral, Inc.

May not be reproduced without prior permission.

How to Present a Trophy or Award

Recognizing an employee, student or athlete is not complicated, but there are some basic principles that should be followed to achieve the maximum impact. There is no doubt that people like money, raises, bonuses and the like, but the most memorable recognition has always been a tangible award or trophy.

Most people remember awards and trophies that were given years after the fact, and many save them for decades. Ask a fifty-year old man about his first award ? not only will he likely remember it, but he quite possibly still has it on a shelf or in a box, tucked away in a safe place for later viewing. These mementos serve to bring back memories and provide conversation pieces for a lifetime.

While there is no “rule book” for how do present an award, there are some proven techniques that should be considered:

Whenever possible, present an award in front of the recipients peers. In the case of an employee, this could be done with a simple department meeting or a more formal recognition event. In the case of a volunteer, it might take place during a scheduled meeting or event. With a student, it could be in the classroom or in the auditorium. The point is, putting the recipient in the spotlight makes it more memorable.

Secondly, whoever presents the award should not only hand it to the recipient with a “congratulations”, but also should tell a story to drive home the accomplishment, however small or large. A story told by a coach about the most-improved player or best fielder goes a long way towards making the receiver of the trophy feel even better about themselves.

Thirdly, do not forget to add a date to the award. While it may seem meaningless at the time of the presentation, it helps serve as another reminder of related events down the road. Lastly, taking a picture of the person receiving the award not only adds a special touch, it provides an opportunity to share the accomplishment with others, through a newsletter, newspaper or email. It also allows the recipient to relive the moment at a future date.


SOURCE:  Neil Rader, Founder & President, TrophyCentral, Inc.

May not be reproduced without permission

Who Deserves a Trophy?

Once upon a time, the world of competitive sports was one of the only places where you would see someone win a trophy. In team competition, this was typically an all-or-nothing proposition — there was little recognition for third, or even second place competitors. Winning wasn’t everything, it was the only thing. In solo sports, however, the awarding of a second and third place was more commonly found. Today, as we seek to create a nurturing and encouraging environment for our children, trophies are the norm, even off the playing field. We reward our kids with trophies, not just for completing a certain task or for performing well on a test, but we give them trophies just for playing the game or showing up for an event. Are we really helping children by bestowing them with trophies for relatively trivial accomplishments?

Some people think that by removing competitiveness from children’s lives, we also remove their motivation to succeed. There are those who view this as a lowering of the bar for our kids. It is viewed as detrimental to the development of the child. Others feel that the opposite is true and that this practice is itself a form of encouragement that makes kids proud of their accomplishments and to try harder. They don’t view it as being about entitlement but rather, they see it as a way of recognizing the contributions of everyone regardless of who might be better than someone else at a particular task.

What do you think?  We recently did a survey to find out!

It turns out that that the majority of those surveyed felt that it was totally appropriate to give out participation trophies – awards for playing, but not necessarily winning. However, this was only true in cases of young children. In fact, the percentage of those in favor of participation trophies went down as the age of the children went up.  Of those surveyed, over 70% would give participation trophies to children eight years old or younger, while only 15% felt that they were appropriate for those between the ages of 13 and 16. This seems to suggest most people feel that arbitrarily giving trophies to everyone is not a good way to prime kids for the real world, but with young children there is no harm in encouraging them to participate by rewarding them for their efforts. Perhaps this won’t surprise anyone. What was a bit of a shock, however, was what we found out about who has a bigger soft spot, men or women. Surprisingly, it was the men who indicated they were in favor of participation trophies more than the women, irrespective of a child’s age. Lastly, only ten percent of men and women were in favor of giving trophies for just showing up! I think that’s important and dispels the notion that we are, as a whole, enabling our children to be uncompetitive or that kids will not demonstrate the drive to be successful at an early age just because we award them with participation trophies.

You might expect, as I did, that a large number of respondents would be in favor of giving out winner’s trophies. What’s interesting is, and what seems to correspond with the decline of participation trophies being connected to age, it turns out that for the younger age group, those children under eight, only 48% favored giving them winner’s trophies. So the message for this age group is that playing is more important than winning. As you move up the age groups though, rewarding winners appears to be more accepted, with 74% and 94% favoring handing out a first or second place trophy for the 12 and under and 16 and under categories, respectively.  As expected, over 95% support giving a trophy to an adult winner, which shows that we never really outgrow wanting to win a trophy.

I think the takeaway from these survey results is pretty clear. There is a big difference in the way we treat young children as they get older. Children and adolescents do not think the same and they don’t act the same. Therefore, they are not and should not be treated the same. Most people feel that young children need the sort of encouragement that the awarding of a participation trophy can give them. However, if this survey is any indication of a common sense feeling among the public, older children should be instilled with the idea that nothing is given to you in life and you must work hard to earn your rewards. Understanding this simple survey goes a long way in settling the debate of whether or not handing out trophies to kids somehow makes them entitled, or unmotivated. Most people feel that there is an age appropriate answer to this question.


SOURCE:  Neil Rader, Founder & President, TrophyCentral, Inc.

May not be reproduced without prior permission.

Beautiful Gifts For A Beautiful Season

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 11.45.21 AM

Check out the beautiful jewelry we have. Your loved one will feel unbelievably special when she receives a customized bracelet. She will know that you were thinking of her heart this Christmas, and that is more than she could ever ask for. We have a beautiful selection of different jewelry and other various personalized gifts for you to steal her heart with.

Be The Best Fan You Can Be


School spirit is something that should never be lost. Coming together with all of your friends as well as people you may not even know and have a common denominator that you are passionate about is something amazing. Coming together with everyone to cheer on the home team is an experience that cannot be matched by many things. True happiness and joy can come just from one game.

We believe that team spirit shouldn’t just be left on the field and in the stands, but it should be brought with everyone, everywhere. We have many items that allow you to take your team spirit with you wherever you and your team go.

custompennantsOne our favorite spirit items is our Pennant flags with custom print available. These flags let you bring your favorite team with you anywhere, and let everyone else know whom you are always cheering for. These are great because you can really show these off wherever you want, in your office, bedroom, car, anywhere! Something else great about these is that they are offered in multiple sizes. Take a small one with you, or hang up our largest size!

custom-magnets-helmetSomething else we are excited about is our collection of car magnets. We have a huge selection of car magnets customizable to show off your team spirit wherever you are driving! Car magnets are so much fun. You are able to move it around, show off your favorite team, bring it with you everywhere and the best part is how they don’t ruin your car like some stickers can do. Why wouldn’t you want a car magnet of your team?!

14ro2thvicuGoing to athletic events is probably one of the best things in life. We don’t have to tell you how much fun it is. However, something isn’t always the best is being uncomfortable on the bleachers. When you are young it may not be so bad, but the older you get the more uncomfortable can be. Don’t let the uncomfortable bleachers stop you from having a blast at the game. We have a variety of seat cushions for your comforts! You can also have fun with these and of course have them customized for your team, but you can also have them come as baseballs and basketballs! Why shouldn’t you be comfortable at the game?

Show off Your Diploma

School is something so important in a person’s life, and there is really nothing to be more proud of than a degree. We, as well as many others, believe that college is the best investment in a person’s life and can really only benefit them in the future. For some college students, school may be coming to an end this December when they graduate.

We know that you will have a job to show forth all the things you have accomplished over the years, but just like a sport, when there is all that hard work and dedication put into something to get an amazing end result, and award is something that should be given. When we graduate we are awarded with a certificate. This small piece of paper is basically everything we have been working for. If this piece of paper is so important then why shouldn’t it be held appropriately and shown off like a trophy?

customdiplomaWe have many different products to hold your degree in. We have a variety of colors of diploma / certificate holders that offer a book like protection. These padded covers will protect your certificate from getting bent or spilled on, and these covers allow for individual or group personalizing. No matter what the size of the certificate may be we have a variety of sizes.

cermounWe also have certificate mounts, so you are able to not only protect your certificate from being bent, but you are also able to show off what you worked so hard for. These are great for graduation parties. The whole point of the party is to celebrate your graduation, so showing it off is a must.

pn4642wlWe also offer plaques to hold your certificate. These are great for the office. Many people keep their diplomas at work. They went to school and put in all that hard work for the position they have at work now, so why wouldn’t they put up their accomplishments in the most fitting place? We have a beautiful walnut plaque that would compliment any certificate.