Create Your Dream Sports Room

We have been having some fun with Polyvore lately. We created an awesome sports room that any sports fanatic would want! If you are unfamiliar, Polyvore is an awesome site where you can create your own creations from fashion, to home settings to really anything with items you can find on the internet. Since we embrace creativity in everyone we totally love having fun with creating collections on Polyvore and what everyone else is able to create.

This is our sports room that we have created:

Dream sports roomWe were able to find some awesome items that you see int his room on the Polyvore site that people have already added to the site. Then we added some of our items to the site and then used them to create the ultimate sports bedroom for anyone.

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 7.51.40 PM

We have added our Acrylic Baseball display case, because showing off your signed ball, or game winning ball is really the best way to go. There is no better place for your pride and joy than right where everyone can see it. You know everyone will ask about it. We also have our Rectangular Glass Football Case on one of the top shelves. A signed or game winning football is one of the best ways to decorate a room. Of course because these sports items are so important and valuable, we want them to stay as safe from damage as possible.


Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 7.51.00 PM

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 7.55.48 PMWe have, of course, added a few of our trophies. Right next to the bed we have our baseball trophy with year trim. A place next to the bed on your night stand is a great place for current year trophies. That win is still fresh, so you are definitely going to want to see your trophy when you first wake up and when you go to bed! Start your day off right and end it right with some positivity and good memories.

baseball glove, ball and bats award

One of our favorite awards is our Baseball Glove and Ball Award. This is so much fun, and really not like most trophies and awards. These are especially great for the young ones! They are of course so much fun to win, but look great in any kids room with any decor.. or toys! Plus, the darker stone color looks great against other shiny gold or silver trophies.


Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 7.55.48 PMThe last trophy we have on the shelf is one of our Metal Soccer Awards. These are so awesome because it takes the idea of a classic trophy with the color and shine, but them changed the shape from a tall column to exploding it into a soccer ball. What soccer player wouldn’t want to win a gold soccer ball and be able to see it every day on their shelf?

Polyvore is so much fun, and we recommend playing around with this if you can! Check out our page to get some inspiration and create your own set!

Send us a image or link of your dream sports room or any sort of sports set and we will share it! Can’t wait to see what you all create!

Display Your Pride For The Holidays

Thinking of new gifts to get someone each year can definitely get difficult. This is all so true especially when you get that certain someone who gives you this…

“What do you want for Christmas?”

                                                                     “I don’t know…”


Well that is just so helpful isn’t it? Thinking of something to get for your loved ones and friends for holidays seems like there is a whole lot of pressure these days. People often forget that we offer more than just trophies, and we actually have a lot of gifts that would be great for Christmas and the holidays. Something that would be great for someone who has a sentimental sports item. Do you know someone who has a football from a winning game or some sort of memorabilia they acquired many years ago? We have so many different cases that will hold any sort of sports memorabilia that would make for the most perfect gift. Get that precious item off the dresser and into a beautiful glass case to show off properly.

Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 11.16.13 PMWe not only have these amazing football cases, but we also have display cases for really any sport. Some of them include hockey, baseball, basketball, soccer, and so many more! You can show off whatever you would like!

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 3.03.38 PMHockey pucks are something so fun to collect. Scoring that game winning goal in hockey is one of the most amazing feelings. Pushing yourself to that last minute will take everything you’ve got, but it is all worth it in the end. This is our Three puck display case that will show off your most proud moment. We also offer single and double cases.

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 3.02.54 PMBaseball memorabilia is always something that can be turned into a hobby. People often have very old baseballs from home runs, or signed baseballs or really any sort of baseball from a memorable game. Catching a home run baseball is one in a life time kind of thing, so why wouldn’t you want to keep it safe and show it off appropriately? This baseball display case allows for two baseballs and then a place for that amazingly rare baseball card! We have various different sizes for baseball cases as well as bat cases.

Top 10 Trophies for Spring Sports

We really enjoy spring here at Trophy Central. It’s a great time of year for many reasons, but our favorite is the awesome spring sports that can be played. Below you’ll find a “Top Ten” list with our favorite spring sports (complete with links to the trophies we have available for those sports).


Motion Extreme 500 Series Trophy. It has a gold resin base and qualifies for free engraving!



1. Baseball–Of course baseball has to be number one! It’s America’s pastime and definitely the classic sport that comes to mind when you think spring. We can almost taste the Cracker Jacks….


This makes a great team, championship or perpetual trophy. It has a double cherry wood base and enough room for up to 32 names!





2. Golf–This is a relaxing and fun sport that can be used throughout life. This is a sport that can be played competitively or for fun and is great in a group or solo. This sport also provides some fantastic travel opportunities as there are beautiful golf courses to be seen all over the world! 






This cast stone trophy is fully modeled, hand painted and top of the line!



3. Track–This is a sport in and of itself, but it also a great way to train and stay in shape for other sports. The skills that are developed from the different track events are beneficiary in all aspects. You can also decide from a number of events to find what you’re good at–if long distance isn’t your forte, try out shorter, quicker distances and vice versa. Let’s not forget about the relays and how fun and exciting those are to watch!


This trophy has a gorgeous double cherry wood base. It’s over 23″ tall and has room for engraving of up to 32 names.





4. Softball–If you’re a fan of baseball, then you probably love softball, too. There are just a couple of differences between the two sports, but otherwise they’re pretty similar. This is a great team sport to play and is equally fun to participate in competitively or just for fun!





This “Flames” Trophy has a marble base and is available for engraving of up to three lines. Bonus: this is a “quick ship” item!




5. Volleyball–This is typically a fall sport when played in a traditional gymnasium, but it turns into a sport for spring and summer when the game is taken out to the sand. If you’ve played both in the sand and in a gym, than you know how different the two can be. Personally, we think that it’s a lot more fun to play in the sand but that it creates a bit of a challenge when moving and jumping! The sand adds to the work-out, so it’s pretty beneficial.




This is a Bobble Head Trophy that also has slots for coins and can be used as a bank. Perfect for kids, this trophy is going to be a great hit!




6. Soccer–According to Sporteology, soccer is the most popular sport in the world so of course it made our “Top Ten” list. Soccer is fun to watch and play and in other areas of the world it is sometimes called “football”. Are you one of the 3.5 billion soccer fans in the world? We are!



This popular EcoStarz Series comes with free engraving and is available in a number of subjects

This popular EcoStarz Series comes with free engraving and is available in a number of subjects




7. Karate–This is a sport that can be used for a lifetime. There are so many skills that are learned in karate, not only physical, but also mental with the amount of discipline and respect that is taught and practiced. Karate is a sport that can be done year-round, but we couldn’t forget it on our list for spring!



A "Flames" Trophy with the option of choice of color for the acrylic back

A “Flames” Trophy with the option of choice of color for the acrylic back



8. Curling–This is quickly becoming a popular sport, so get ready to see a lot more of it in the near future! If you’re unfamiliar with it, the sport involves sliding granite stones on a sheet of ice towards and area of four concentric circles, with points awarded according to where the stones land in relation to the center. Although this is played on ice, it can be played year-round indoors. If you’re looking for a fun, new spring sport to take up, look for a curling center in your area!



Our most popular trophy style. You are able to choose between four sizes and a column color

Our most popular trophy style. You are able to choose between four sizes and a column color




9. Bicycling–Those that live in an area with cold weather are excited to see spring arrive when they are able to take their bicycle out and hit the pavement. This is a worldwide sport when many begin their intense training upon the arrival of the spring season. The Tour de France and many other races take place in the summer months. This is a sport that can be anywhere on the spectrum of competitive racing to a slow, relaxing Sunday ride through a park.

This trophy features 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place trim and includes 3 lines of free engraving!

This trophy features 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place trim and includes 3 lines of free engraving!




10. Badminton–This is last on our list but definitely not least! Badminton is played in the spring for high school and college leagues, and can be watched during the Summer Olympics. This sport is great for hand-eye coordination and is pretty fun!