Show Off Your Awards With a Walnut Plaque

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 12.05.44 PMGetting an award for something you so worked hard to finish is important! You should show off your award. Most people either put their diplomas in storage, or even lose them. Don’t let your award just sit in a closet and collect dust.  Whether it is graduating from high school, college, or any sort of program, you should show it off. If you are showing off what you have finished, viewers will definitely note your credentials. Be proud of what you have accomplished.

This Walnut Plaque is definitely and elegant way to show off what you have worked so hard for. It holds and 8 ½ x 11 certificate or diploma, so you will be able to show off pretty much anything you have ever earned!


If you are wondering how you could show off your awards, this is definitely an idea! This corner placement is a unique way to show off your plaques and awards. It is always hard to make the corner of the room decorated the way you like it, but this is definitely a way you could go!