June is Trophy Month for Dads and Grads

June is a difficult month for gift-givers. Between Father’s Day and graduation ceremonies plus gifts for teachers and students in need of extra praise, choosing thoughtful gifts can be a challenge.

A trophy is a great way to say “I love you” or “Congratulations” without sounding as generic as a greeting card or coffee mug.

Because a trophy has both longevity and creativity potential. You can etch in glass or metal a message the recipient will cherish forever.

Trophy Central knows, however, that crafting the perfect message is not always easy.

So we’ve made up some message “prompts” that you can fill in with your own words.

Father’s Day Trophy Suggestions

1. For excellence in teaching me how to _________, __________ and __________.

Possible ways to fill in those blanks include:

  • Ride a bike
  • Drive a car
  • Shave
  • Become a better person
  • Show respect for others
  • Become responsible
  • Bait a hook
  • Grill a burger
  • Finish my homework in time to watch TV
  • Make pancakes
  • Ask a girl for a date
  • Throw a curve ball
  • Order a hot dog at the ball park
  • Parallel park
  • Break curfew without mom finding out

Father's Day custom trophies and awards for best dad - Trophy Central

2. The top three reasons why I love you: __________, __________, and ________.

Possible ways to fill in those blanks include:

  • You never make things worse when I screw up
  • You’re always there for me even when you’re mad at me
  • You took care of us even when times were tough
  • You were more worried about me than the car when I got into an accident
  • You make me laugh
  • You wait for me and pretend you don’t
  • You’re cooler than my friends’ dad

For more suggestions on how to tell your dad you love him this Father’s Day or to get helping choosing a trophy that fits your message and budget, contact Trophy Central here.

Graduation Day Trophy Suggestions

1. Congratulations! You made it! Now you can look forward to __________,
__________ and __________.

Possible ways to fill in those blanks include:

  • College
  • Work
  • Student Loan Repayments
  • High School
  • Driver’s License
  • Prom
  • Summer Vacation
  • Backpacking Through Europe
  • Flipping Burgers to Pay for Backpacking Trip
  • Doing Nothing for 12 Weeks
  • Joining the Family Business
  • Driving Your New Car (Look inside trophy for keys)

Recognition awards, trophies and certificates for graduates - Trophy Central

2. You did it! You make us proud because _________.

Possible ways to fill in the blank include:

  • You never gave up even when tough subjects and cranky teachers got you down.
  • You tried, you kept trying and you succeeded.
  • First, because you’re a great kid and, second, because you’re a great student.
  • You’re the first person in the family to get this far in school.
  • You worked to help support our family and still got good grades.
  • You’re following your dreams.
  • We never got a phone call from the principal.
  • We never got a phone call from the police.
  • Because you’re YOU!

Ready to tell the graduate – or anyone in your life – why you love them this June? Call with questions or order a trophy now. 

Show Off Your Graduation Accomplishments

Graduation is coming up soon for high school and college, and it is one of the biggest days of the grads’ life. Students have worked so hard for so many years, and it all comes down to this one day. For high school grads, the big graduation day is the day that can’t come fast enough. For college grads, I think the day they get a job in their field is the day that can’t come fast enough. Getting a career is one thing, but getting a career in the field studied is even more amazing. It reassures the student that all they have done these last four or more years has been completely worth it. College is really the best investment, and this is something that we want to applaud.We don’t just salute athletes, we want all graduates to be so proud of everything they have done.


diploma frameMore often than not, people just set aside their diploma and let it collect dust. Some diplomas aren’t even that lucky and get lost and are never seen again. Why wouldn’t you put your diploma not only in a safe place, but in a place where you can see it all the time or show it off? If you have an office, this is a great place to put it. Be proud of where you went to school, and show people where you came from and what you have accomplished. Our diploma frames offer a beautiful way to show off and protect your diploma. We have multiple sizes and colors to compliment any sort of diploma or certificate.

clock with photo holderIf you are looking to get someone a graduation gift, our standing clock with photo holder is something that anyone would like to put at their first desk. You are able to put in whatever picture you would like, whether it be a sports photo, a grad photo or any sort of photo that sits next to a beautiful clock. Below the clock you can custom engrave it to add a whole other level of personalized and special. There isn’t anyone who wouldn’t want this on their desk.

eco-friendly plaqueFor those eco-friendly goers (which we all should try to be) we have beautiful eco-friendly bamboo plaques. These are our natural plaques that can be custom engraved to show everyone what you have accomplished while staying true to your green life. These are great for the green companies or green accomplishments. They are also look amazing next to your other awards that shine. The contrast of the two really makes each award stand out.

Show off Your Diploma

School is something so important in a person’s life, and there is really nothing to be more proud of than a degree. We, as well as many others, believe that college is the best investment in a person’s life and can really only benefit them in the future. For some college students, school may be coming to an end this December when they graduate.

We know that you will have a job to show forth all the things you have accomplished over the years, but just like a sport, when there is all that hard work and dedication put into something to get an amazing end result, and award is something that should be given. When we graduate we are awarded with a certificate. This small piece of paper is basically everything we have been working for. If this piece of paper is so important then why shouldn’t it be held appropriately and shown off like a trophy?

customdiplomaWe have many different products to hold your degree in. We have a variety of colors of diploma / certificate holders that offer a book like protection. These padded covers will protect your certificate from getting bent or spilled on, and these covers allow for individual or group personalizing. No matter what the size of the certificate may be we have a variety of sizes.

cermounWe also have certificate mounts, so you are able to not only protect your certificate from being bent, but you are also able to show off what you worked so hard for. These are great for graduation parties. The whole point of the party is to celebrate your graduation, so showing it off is a must.

pn4642wlWe also offer plaques to hold your certificate. These are great for the office. Many people keep their diplomas at work. They went to school and put in all that hard work for the position they have at work now, so why wouldn’t they put up their accomplishments in the most fitting place? We have a beautiful walnut plaque that would compliment any certificate.

Congratulations, Graduate! Check Out These Custom Diploma Covers

blog-trophy central blogA diploma is quite possibly one of the most important documents that you’ll have in your life. The cost of a diploma (whether from college or high school) includes hard work, stress, and a lot of time and dedication.

We want you to be able to display your diploma proudly and keep it safe and protected. This is why we carry diploma covers in several different sizes. We also give the option of making the covers more personalized by customizing them with your name, choice of color, choice of font style and orientation, and location of the print.

These covers can be ordered for yourself, or can be ordered for others if you know somebody that is graduating in the near-future and would love one of these as a gift.

From Trophy Central to you: congratulations graduate!


Top School Trophies

Can you believe that it’s almost the end of another school year? March is nearing its end, and the “100th Day of School” was celebrated months ago. Graduation invitations are already being mailed out and kids are working on plans for summer–whether that includes a summer job, a family vacation, or a fun sport or activity.

The end of the school year is a perfect time to reflect on what was learned and accomplished. It’s a big deal to do well in school, and we think that academic achievements should be celebrated!

We have some fantastic school-related trophies here at Trophy Central.

Here are some of our top school trophies:



1. This is a classic lamp of knowledge and learning. It represents academic excellence in schools all around the world. This particular trophyA comes with a marble base and free engraving. It is the perfect trophy for a team or individual award for younger children. It measures approximately 4″ tall and its versatility makes it extremely popular.

2. As we mentioned before, graduation is quickly approaching. We are super excited for the class of 2014 and wish them all luck on the exciting and upcoming journey into the real world! A graduation trophy is a great way to remember accomplishments in high school and awarded at graduation time (such as graduating with honors). This trophy is part of out Resin Trophy Series and is made of sculptured resin and is hand painted and lacquered. This comes with three lines of engraving and can be ordered with a male or female figurine.




3. This is another popular one for us. Although not a traditional trophy, this honor student medal is very popular. It has a colorful insert and gold frame. You are able to have optional engraving on the back for just $0.69. Additional customization options include the choice of ribbon type and color , whether or not you want the ribbon attached, and if you’d like to order a box to go with it. Report cards come out soon, so get yours in time to reward those with the grades to qualify as an honor student!