Personalize For The Holidays

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 12.04.16 PMAre you tired of getting the generic gifts for friends and family? Going off of their Christmas list is nice because you can get them what they want, but it also takes away that element of surprise and personalization. Getting someone something that is really just meant for them, and shows how much you care for them is really the best gift.

Something that surprises many people is our large selection of personalized products. These make for some of the best gifts. We have jewelry, bags, picture frames and more that can all be personalized just how you would like it.

Making someone feel special is the ultimate gift. We know moms, dads and grandparents would absolutely love a personalized picture frame whether it is a holiday one or some other theme we have to offer. You know you couldn’t go wrong with this.

Check out our personalized section to see all of our products that would make for amazing holiday gifts!

Top School Trophies

Can you believe that it’s almost the end of another school year? March is nearing its end, and the “100th Day of School” was celebrated months ago. Graduation invitations are already being mailed out and kids are working on plans for summer–whether that includes a summer job, a family vacation, or a fun sport or activity.

The end of the school year is a perfect time to reflect on what was learned and accomplished. It’s a big deal to do well in school, and we think that academic achievements should be celebrated!

We have some fantastic school-related trophies here at Trophy Central.

Here are some of our top school trophies:



1. This is a classic lamp of knowledge and learning. It represents academic excellence in schools all around the world. This particular trophyA comes with a marble base and free engraving. It is the perfect trophy for a team or individual award for younger children. It measures approximately 4″ tall and its versatility makes it extremely popular.

2. As we mentioned before, graduation is quickly approaching. We are super excited for the class of 2014 and wish them all luck on the exciting and upcoming journey into the real world! A graduation trophy is a great way to remember accomplishments in high school and awarded at graduation time (such as graduating with honors). This trophy is part of out Resin Trophy Series and is made of sculptured resin and is hand painted and lacquered. This comes with three lines of engraving and can be ordered with a male or female figurine.




3. This is another popular one for us. Although not a traditional trophy, this honor student medal is very popular. It has a colorful insert and gold frame. You are able to have optional engraving on the back for just $0.69. Additional customization options include the choice of ribbon type and color , whether or not you want the ribbon attached, and if you’d like to order a box to go with it. Report cards come out soon, so get yours in time to reward those with the grades to qualify as an honor student!