6 Secrets to Millennials’ Workplace Happiness

Tips employers can use to keep millennial workers happy and engaged.

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If you have millennials on your team, this is an article you should read.  And even if you don’t have a large number of millennials now, chances are in just a few years they could account for as much as 50% of your workforce.


Not surprisingly, pay-for-performance still plays an important role in employee motivation.  But so do flexibility and transparency.  All three have been relatively important for some time now, but what seems to have changed is the emphasis on giving back and contributing to social issues and the community. Having “fun” also makes the list!

Three Things that Actually Motivate Employees

Mastery, membership, and meaning are all more important than money.

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Some of us have the belief the money is a key workplace motivator.  Others fall on the side of work-life balance.  So you might be surprised to hear that neither of these tops the list of key motivators.


According to author Rosabeth Moss Kanter, there is strong evidence to suggest that mastery, membership, and meaning are key to driving employee motivation.


Employees need to be aligned to the company’s vision and feel that the work they are doing aggregates to a higher purpose.  They need to feel as though their individuality adds to the company’s community (think about the characters in your favorite TV show).  And finally, they need to feel that their talents can help shape their company’s future.

3 Tips for Boosting Morale Around the Office

Keeping employees engaged can be an uphill battle. If you pay a competitive salary, promote from within, and have a solid culture, these three things can help motivate your employees.

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Salary is important, for sure, but so are culture and wellness.  We know employees all have different needs, but in general, providing a friendly, caring environment can do wonders for morale in the office place.