DIY Trophy Bouquet Decor

We embrace everyone and everything creative. This week we are looking at an awesome DIY project. Weddings are really the time to put in and show your personality and creativity. A big theme for weddings lately has been rustic themes, and if you are looking toward doing something like that for your wedding, we have some serious floral DIY ideas that will take your rustic wedding theme to a whole other level and make your decor stand out from everyone else.

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 9.05.47 PM

Bringing in who you are and what you love into your wedding is so much fun, and really what a wedding should be. If you want to take this popular rustic theme and make it your own, you can use trophy bouquets to decorate any venue.

Find an old trophy cup you have. You can either keep its shine for an equestrian look, give it a rustic look for your rustic or vintage theme, or completely paint it to go with the color theme of your wedding or party.


For the horse lovers and beautiful equestrian goers who are planning on having this sport apart of their wedding, flowers in a trophy cup can be the most beautiful and fitting decor for your wedding. You can either leave it the way it is, or you can paint it with a metallic gold or silver paint. Make sure to find paint that works on metals. The bright colors against the gold or silver trophy cup will look amazing, and it is a simple and beautiful way to bring the floral and sport together.

The best part about this is you can use your beautiful ribbons from your shows in your wedding as well! We love this wedding look using the ribbons at each ends of the garland. This would look great for the head seating for the bride and groom. It might also be a fun idea to use them at the tables, possibly for menus or table decor.

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 10.35.31 PM

For the eclectic and rustic wedding theme, using trophies might not be your first thought, but finding your old trophies can be the best thing that happened to you. Find your old trophies and if they don’t have enough rust or ware to them you can do that on your own. One way is to use chalk paint and then once that is dry use antique medium over that with just a paper towel. You can also use a wire brush, which will definitely get the job done. After you have made them look just perfect you can really put any sort of flowers in to give you the eclectic and rustic look that no one else will have.


Here are other trophy bouquets ideas for any occasion or just around the house..




Create Your Dream Sports Room

We have been having some fun with Polyvore lately. We created an awesome sports room that any sports fanatic would want! If you are unfamiliar, Polyvore is an awesome site where you can create your own creations from fashion, to home settings to really anything with items you can find on the internet. Since we embrace creativity in everyone we totally love having fun with creating collections on Polyvore and what everyone else is able to create.

This is our sports room that we have created:

Dream sports roomWe were able to find some awesome items that you see int his room on the Polyvore site that people have already added to the site. Then we added some of our items to the site and then used them to create the ultimate sports bedroom for anyone.

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 7.51.40 PM

We have added our Acrylic Baseball display case, because showing off your signed ball, or game winning ball is really the best way to go. There is no better place for your pride and joy than right where everyone can see it. You know everyone will ask about it. We also have our Rectangular Glass Football Case on one of the top shelves. A signed or game winning football is one of the best ways to decorate a room. Of course because these sports items are so important and valuable, we want them to stay as safe from damage as possible.


Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 7.51.00 PM

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 7.55.48 PMWe have, of course, added a few of our trophies. Right next to the bed we have our baseball trophy with year trim. A place next to the bed on your night stand is a great place for current year trophies. That win is still fresh, so you are definitely going to want to see your trophy when you first wake up and when you go to bed! Start your day off right and end it right with some positivity and good memories.

baseball glove, ball and bats award

One of our favorite awards is our Baseball Glove and Ball Award. This is so much fun, and really not like most trophies and awards. These are especially great for the young ones! They are of course so much fun to win, but look great in any kids room with any decor.. or toys! Plus, the darker stone color looks great against other shiny gold or silver trophies.


Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 7.55.48 PMThe last trophy we have on the shelf is one of our Metal Soccer Awards. These are so awesome because it takes the idea of a classic trophy with the color and shine, but them changed the shape from a tall column to exploding it into a soccer ball. What soccer player wouldn’t want to win a gold soccer ball and be able to see it every day on their shelf?

Polyvore is so much fun, and we recommend playing around with this if you can! Check out our page to get some inspiration and create your own set!

Send us a image or link of your dream sports room or any sort of sports set and we will share it! Can’t wait to see what you all create!

DIY Coffee Bar

curly_final_diy_bannerWe love the idea of Do It Yourself (DIY) trophies and trophy home decor. We just found an awesome example of being able to use trophies in your house in a classic and elegant way. A blog called Driven by Decor talked about their kitchen make over. They turned a section of their kitchen into their own little coffee bar, which is a great idea because who can live without coffee? Not many.

It’s also great to find ways to decorate in different ways that make it unique and really your own. Being able to use unconventional items like a trophy to decorate your house can be one of these ways to achieve that unique and original look for your home.

Kris, who runs the Driven by Decor blog talks about her new coffee bar. She found this trophy cup at an outlet mall, which is awesome that you are able to find trophy decor in stores now. She used this trophy cup as a holder for her filters and measuring spoon. The trophy is a rustic yet classic look that fits perfectly in with the rest of her coffee bar.


This is one the coolest ideas! If you wanted to make it more of a DIY, you could look for trophy cups like this at garage sales, flee markets, thrift stores or your own collection of trophies. You can sand down the trophy and use whatever color you prefer. If you are going for the rustic look, try sanding the trophy after you have painted (and let it dry) to give it an older look.

Thanks for the awesome idea Kris!


Enjoy Trophies In A New Way


Do you have old trophies stored in your closet, that you don’t know what to do with anymore? Well, besides showing off your amazing accomplishments with them, you can use them in more ways than you think! You can decorate your house with trophies in really beautiful ways. Not only can you use trophies to decorate your house, but you can also use them for parties. Trophies are something you don’t ever want to throw away, so why would you?

trophy vaseOne of the most elegant ideas we have is to use a trophy as a vase to hold your beautiful flowers. The rustic metal look of your old trophy contrasts amazing against your beautiful delicate flowers. This can go with whatever theme your house is going for. You can keep the bright shine of the trophy for a modern look, or use the old trophies and some worn painted wood for the rustic look.

trophy pillowsDo you have a son or daughter that is really into sports? Or do you have a husband that has a man cave filled with sports things and trophies? Either one, these award pillows would look great in any room of theirs. You can use some of the patches you won and either iron on or sew them onto any pillow you want! A little DIY project that will be fun and celebrate your amazing accomplishments.

wine toppersUnfortunately, we understand that trophies can break, but there is a way to turn this unfortunate event into something positive. If you have a broken trophy, you can take that beautiful topper and turn it into a bottle quark. Just hot glue, or whatever strong adhesive you prefer, the trophy topper to a bottle quark. An easy DIY that is fun and simple and can turn something broken into something amazing. This would be great for a sports themed wedding or some sort of sports themed party.

trophy holdersDo you have a work room where you either paint, do crafts, anything? Having a fun arts and crafts room would be amazing. When working on creating a crafts room, storage can be a real issue. No where to put your paintbrushes? Store them in a trophy! Just like earlier, you can either go with a new, shiny trophy to be bright and bold, or you can go with an older trophy and have a more old, rustic look for your craft room. You can also use these trophy ideas in the kitchen for kitchen utensils.

trophy cupcakeGrad parties are always so much fun to decorate. This is a great place to show off the trophies he or she has won throughout their lives. A fun way to show off a sports themed grad party would be to add plates to the trophy. You can then use them as cupcake or food trays. It is a creative way to do something simple.