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The entire point of TrophyCentral was to make it easy for people to have access to and buy trophies and awards and we take pride in the fact that we are still able to offer this easy access to such a wide variety of trophies, awards and more. It is such an amazing thing that we were able to expand our dream and be able to offer trophies and awards in almost every sport and hobby imaginable along with academic, corporate, cases, jewelry, personalized gifts, and unbelievably so much more. We have so much fun being able to make such a wide variety of people smile with all of our products.

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We have amazing customers and they are the reason for where we are today. Here are some of our best sellers.

star awardThis Star Insert Award is great for someone who gives away trophies for multiple sports. There are hundreds of different inserts for this award. This is one that can be customized to really anything you could want with the plate and the personalized engraving on the base. you are also able to chose the color, and we have a gray speckled stone as seen as well as a dark stone color . Both options are very beautiful.

ribbonsOne of our other best sellers is from our choice of ribbons. These are our classic ribbons with card and string that have been around for so many years and will be around for many more. These ribbons are such a classic award that are really great for large competitions and events. The card on the back allows for the winner to write one it to remember the date, event, etc. of the winning ribbon. We love selling these because we know that when these are ordered, everyone will be getting an award that day and that means that everyone is going to be happy.

shirt name tagsSomething else that we have that people might not realize we have are shirt name tags. Take a moment to think about how many times you see a name tag a day.. it’s a lot! They are definitely a necessity for so many businesses. We know how important it is for companies to be able to distinguish themselves form everyone else, so of course we are customizable and offer a variety of different sizes and colors for all businesses.


Strive To Win That Corporate Award

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Summer is wrapping up, if not already over for some people! For college a lot of college kids, their time may have been spent working on their internship or cooperative opportunity. This is the time for them to learn what it is like working in the field they have been working so hard to get to. If your business works with students and their internships, then you know how hard they are working to do the best they can and learn as much as they can a short amount of time.

A lot of time for business they are surprised by how much work, knowledge, growth that came out of these students. They will even surpass all expectations, which is all we can hope for. Getting people to do all they can and then going pass it is something our company lives by and hopes for for everyone.

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Maybe you are out of college and have been working at the job of your dreams for some time now.. maybe you aren’t at the job of your dreams, but that still means doing the best you can at what yo do. Pushing yourself will only better yourself.

If your intern has exceeded your expectations, why shouldn’t you show them that you noticed all they have done. Showing them they have done an outstanding job will only better them for the road ahead. Maybe you have some employees that have been working for some time now. People are going above and beyond for their jobs these days, and they should be recognized for that. Not only is it important for people to be recognized for all the hard work they have done, but it can also push people to want to be the best. If you want to show someone how far they have gone, award them with this unique Progress Recognition Award. It shows movement and continuous circles of achievement.

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When thinking about a corporate or business award, you should think elegant, classic, timeless, and uniqueness. That is what we offer when it comes to our corporate awards. All of these corporate trophies are all of these characteristics. They really give workers pride in what they are doing. For those who make it look easy, this Zephyr award shows just that. In the all the crazy edges and lines, as a whole it looks completely beautiful.

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Which corporate award would you like sitting on your desk the most? Any of these? Or something else from our site? Comment your favorite trophy.

Make The Office Your Own

graduationNow that you have accomplished one of the most amazing milestones in your life, it is that time to move on to doing something that you have been working so hard for. It is time for the “real world.” After those four plus years of college, it is time to get working and putting all of your college knowledge to good use. Hopefully you have landed your dream job at the company you can’t stop picturing yourself at.

After all of that hard work of school and landing your dream job, something you might not think about right away is making that office yours! You should be so proud of all you have accomplished, so why not show it off. Make that office something special, and what you have dreamed about! You are an adult now, so you should have an adult office!

Maybe you know someone who just got that dream job they have been hoping for, or even a big promotion! All of these office accessories would be such a great gift to acknowledge how much their hard work has paid off! Ease their first day of work nerves by making their office feel like their own!

nameplaqueLet everyone know who you are with this engraved desk name block! Everyone will know your name and your position because you can have this name block engraved to whatever is needed. If the rosewood piano finish isn’t your style, we also have a black piano finish that will look sleek at the head of your desk.

deskclockWant to go for the classic and official look for your office? This walnut desk clock and pen set will add that touch of class and sophistication you will need to get ahead. This is also a great opportunity to have your name and/or position custom engraved on the plate. Having an office that really feels like your own, like home will only help better your work and get you ahead to where you need to be!

pen and pos it

Want to go for something a little more simple? Try this simple yet very classy Mahogany finished Note / Pen set. Maybe you will be the type to have a clear and clean desk with a minimal look to it. Compliment that look with something minimal and elegant. You will realized how many notes you will need to take after you have noticed you do not have post-its to do so on. Your clients and co-workers would love to use this set as well!

Trophy Central’s Best Sellers

At Trophy Central we carry a very large inventory of various awards, trophies, displays, sports items, and ribbons. There are hundreds and hundreds of items but among them are some of the top sellers that customers keep coming back for because of our top notch service and high quality items. We are known for our trophies here are a couple best sellers in that category. Knowing what past customers are pleased with helps make a decision easier.


This general achievement award makes an impression. A classis pose in black and gold looks great on an award shelf. The base is made of black marble with natural veins of white making each on unique. Award measures approximately 10.5″.


Custom Pennants are a consistent favorite with customers. Popular for sporting events and rallies personalized pennants bring a fun touch for school events or a party. Both the pennant flag and stick can be personalized with your team, school or sponsor’s name.


These ribbons are a solid choice for events, everyone can receive one and have a memento to bring home. They are packed in groups of 25 with the same color and title, we have many to choose from.

Jazz Up your Office and Desk Area with an Engraved Plaque

Maybe you recently got a new office, redecorated your office or just want to jazz it up a bit. Trophy Central has high quality office plaques that can put that finishing touch on your office door or desktop. Professionalism is key to respect and moving forward in your career. An engraved plaque on the door and your desk says you are business minded and highly professional.

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Trophy Central has a very large selection of stock, customized and personalized trophies and awards, name plaques and door plates. Satisfaction is guaranteed on our products we also offer discounted prices, fast processing, top-rated customer service and Free Engraving on plaques and trophies. On orders over $100 we will ship via ground to your door for free in the Continental US. If you would like to talk to us give us a call, we are available by phone, toll-free, at 1-888-809-8800 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm est., Monday through Thursday and 9:00 am to 12:00 pm est. on Friday. We love to answer questions about products.

Corporate Awards and Trophies

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Sometimes being it is hard to keep the motivation up when you are at work, especially if you have been working for a company for so long. This is okay! Every once and a while there needs to be something extra to work for besides a pay check! If there is something extra that can be achieved it will definitely up the workers games. Just adding the ability to be awarded can get your company moving again, and get people excited about work again.

There also needs to be awards for those who are constantly doing an outstanding job at work. It is important to show people how much they really are appreciated for doing everything they do! It can give anyone that extra boost of confidence they need to keep going.

Adults don’t need to receive the typical classic gold trophy either. We have so many beautiful, elegant crystal trophies that can be engraved accordingly to make winning that trophy even more special. This Omni Globe is one of our most beautiful trophies. It is not your every day trophy and will look amazing in any office. We also have so many more styles of crystal awards that can be custom engraved.