Show Off Your Graduation Accomplishments

Graduation is coming up soon for high school and college, and it is one of the biggest days of the grads’ life. Students have worked so hard for so many years, and it all comes down to this one day. For high school grads, the big graduation day is the day that can’t come fast enough. For college grads, I think the day they get a job in their field is the day that can’t come fast enough. Getting a career is one thing, but getting a career in the field studied is even more amazing. It reassures the student that all they have done these last four or more years has been completely worth it. College is really the best investment, and this is something that we want to applaud.We don’t just salute athletes, we want all graduates to be so proud of everything they have done.


diploma frameMore often than not, people just set aside their diploma and let it collect dust. Some diplomas aren’t even that lucky and get lost and are never seen again. Why wouldn’t you put your diploma not only in a safe place, but in a place where you can see it all the time or show it off? If you have an office, this is a great place to put it. Be proud of where you went to school, and show people where you came from and what you have accomplished. Our diploma frames offer a beautiful way to show off and protect your diploma. We have multiple sizes and colors to compliment any sort of diploma or certificate.

clock with photo holderIf you are looking to get someone a graduation gift, our standing clock with photo holder is something that anyone would like to put at their first desk. You are able to put in whatever picture you would like, whether it be a sports photo, a grad photo or any sort of photo that sits next to a beautiful clock. Below the clock you can custom engrave it to add a whole other level of personalized and special. There isn’t anyone who wouldn’t want this on their desk.

eco-friendly plaqueFor those eco-friendly goers (which we all should try to be) we have beautiful eco-friendly bamboo plaques. These are our natural plaques that can be custom engraved to show everyone what you have accomplished while staying true to your green life. These are great for the green companies or green accomplishments. They are also look amazing next to your other awards that shine. The contrast of the two really makes each award stand out.

Show off Your Diploma

School is something so important in a person’s life, and there is really nothing to be more proud of than a degree. We, as well as many others, believe that college is the best investment in a person’s life and can really only benefit them in the future. For some college students, school may be coming to an end this December when they graduate.

We know that you will have a job to show forth all the things you have accomplished over the years, but just like a sport, when there is all that hard work and dedication put into something to get an amazing end result, and award is something that should be given. When we graduate we are awarded with a certificate. This small piece of paper is basically everything we have been working for. If this piece of paper is so important then why shouldn’t it be held appropriately and shown off like a trophy?

customdiplomaWe have many different products to hold your degree in. We have a variety of colors of diploma / certificate holders that offer a book like protection. These padded covers will protect your certificate from getting bent or spilled on, and these covers allow for individual or group personalizing. No matter what the size of the certificate may be we have a variety of sizes.

cermounWe also have certificate mounts, so you are able to not only protect your certificate from being bent, but you are also able to show off what you worked so hard for. These are great for graduation parties. The whole point of the party is to celebrate your graduation, so showing it off is a must.

pn4642wlWe also offer plaques to hold your certificate. These are great for the office. Many people keep their diplomas at work. They went to school and put in all that hard work for the position they have at work now, so why wouldn’t they put up their accomplishments in the most fitting place? We have a beautiful walnut plaque that would compliment any certificate.

Beautiful Plaques


Award plaques are one of the most beautiful things you can decorate your walls with. Something that is so unfortunate is that most of the plaques we have seen can be boring. If you want to really let someone know how special they are to the team, company or any sort of organization, then do it with one of our beautiful and unique plaques.

bacodeawRight now the natural wood look is definitely a trend, and we have something that offers just that. Award someone with our beautiful Bamboo Commemorative Desktop Plaque. It is really like no other plaque you have ever seen, and having something to show off that no one has or has ever seen is something amazing.

firplaqcomsoPeople who are serving our country in any sort of way should really be awarded everyday for everything they do for us. Firefighters are some of the most under rewarded people out there. We believe all firefighters should be awarded, but there are definitely a few that have gone above and beyond for people and the community. These people deserve more than we could ever imagine, so the least we can do is offer some amazing awards for them. We have one of the most beautiful fireman plaques. The beautiful shape of the wood plaque really makes the gold fireman stand out and show all they have done.

novaIf you are apart of a company that is more of an innovative, technological, or just modern we have elegant plaques just for you and your workers. If your workers are exceling in their work then of course they should be awarded, but not only should they be awarded, but they should have something that reflects the company. We have beautiful modern plaque that defies the boring plaques out there. The glass and metal lines will reflect your modern and innovative company.

Trophy Central’s Best Sellers

At Trophy Central we carry a very large inventory of various awards, trophies, displays, sports items, and ribbons. There are hundreds and hundreds of items but among them are some of the top sellers that customers keep coming back for because of our top notch service and high quality items. We are known for our trophies here are a couple best sellers in that category. Knowing what past customers are pleased with helps make a decision easier.


This general achievement award makes an impression. A classis pose in black and gold looks great on an award shelf. The base is made of black marble with natural veins of white making each on unique. Award measures approximately 10.5″.


Custom Pennants are a consistent favorite with customers. Popular for sporting events and rallies personalized pennants bring a fun touch for school events or a party. Both the pennant flag and stick can be personalized with your team, school or sponsor’s name.


These ribbons are a solid choice for events, everyone can receive one and have a memento to bring home. They are packed in groups of 25 with the same color and title, we have many to choose from.

Summer Sports Fun, Baseball Trophies and More

There are so many fun sports during the summer time. One of the biggest ones is Little League Baseball. Boys and girls baseball leagues are all over the country playing weekly games of this great American pasttime. Trophy central carries a variety of baseball trophies and other baseball items for the many tournaments and games all summer long. See our Sports Trophies section or search the site, if you can’t locate what you are looking for please email; SALES@TROPHYCENTRAL.COM


These colorful baseball medals are great tokens of participation. Children swell with pride when they receive a medal to wear and get to display them in their bedrooms. When asked about the medal they get to recount the achievement. This is a great confidence builder.


These mugs let Moms and Dads have a reminder of watching their favorite players develop their skills over the years. Many hours are spent at the ball field cheering the players on. The mugs are also available in Football, Soccer, and Basketball. Your team name or player name can be printed on the mug.


This cast stone baseball trophy is fully modeled and painted by hand. There is an engraving area to add customization for team names or player names. Engraving can be on a plate or directly on the stone with an email request. This trophy is also available in other sport themes.


Finally your player would love the classic baseball player winding up to hit a Grand Slam. Every player should have one of these to commemorate their season. This is also customizable. Trophy Central also carries other baseball accessories such as jerseys and covers for pitching machines. If you don’t see something you are looking for please ask!

Happy Independence Day


We are two short days away from the birth of our nation, Independence Day. The adoption of the Declaration of Independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain, now known as the United Kingdom, happened on July 4, 1776.  It has been 238 years of celebrations which include parades, fireworks, barbeques, family reunions, ball games, speeches and ceremonies.

It is a holiday every American looks forward to in the Summer.

When patriotism is close to our hearts on a holiday like the 4th of July, Americans tend to think of the heroes in their lives. To commemorate them we carry flag cases, medal display cases, service coin display racks and awards. Visit our Flag Display Cases and Military Coin Racks page to view all of our great merchandise to celebrate the heroes in our lives who ensure or freedom.

flag case



flagmedal case

A very Happy 4th of July to all, be safe and have fun! Let Freedom Ring!

Father’s Day is Just Around the Corner

Father’s day is Sunday June 15th this year and it is only 26 short days away. What are you doing to honor your Father, Grandfather, or husband this year? A day relaxing with Dad and doing what ever he likes is probably exactly what he wants. Dad’s love to spend time with their families and just enjoy a slow paced day. Grilling is usually a welcome Father’s day meal. Nothing fancy just some good food and good times.

5-20-2014 10-56-03 AM

Buying a Father’s day present can be hard sometimes. Staying away from the cliche tie is probably a good idea but some time tested gifts never grow tiresome. Take the homemade card for instance, no parent would ever turn that down, whether it comes from a very young child or a grown adult, taking the time to make a card for your dad is probably the best gift he could ask for.

For something different Trophy Central offers trophies in many styles and designs that can be personalized and engraved for your one of a kind Dad. We offer trophies for what ever sport or activity he likes. If Dad like to fish you could make that a theme too. Show Dad he is number 1 in your eyes with a personalized trophy.

Spring Races are Well Underway

It is race season, bike races, running races, and triathlons are in full swing. It is really nice to commemorate a great race with a trophy or a medal for participants to take back home with them. People take great pride in their accomplishments and a medal or trophy give them a little display piece to remind them of their hard work. Recognition goes a long way in encouraging someone to keep up the good work. Trophy Central has excellent prices on awards, trophies, and medals.

With a great selection and variety of engraved recognition products these products are top quality and we ship quickly. Satisfied customers are very important to all of us here at so please let us know how the products went over after your event!

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Show Off Your Awards With a Walnut Plaque

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 12.05.44 PMGetting an award for something you so worked hard to finish is important! You should show off your award. Most people either put their diplomas in storage, or even lose them. Don’t let your award just sit in a closet and collect dust.  Whether it is graduating from high school, college, or any sort of program, you should show it off. If you are showing off what you have finished, viewers will definitely note your credentials. Be proud of what you have accomplished.

This Walnut Plaque is definitely and elegant way to show off what you have worked so hard for. It holds and 8 ½ x 11 certificate or diploma, so you will be able to show off pretty much anything you have ever earned!


If you are wondering how you could show off your awards, this is definitely an idea! This corner placement is a unique way to show off your plaques and awards. It is always hard to make the corner of the room decorated the way you like it, but this is definitely a way you could go!