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A Trophy Central-Inspired Kindness Ceremony: Congratulations to These Kind and Thoughtful Elementary School Students!

Kindness Trophies Trophy Central

Eight months ago, Team Trophy Central received a note from Show Us Your Sue alum Jill Cofsky, who won our Random Acts of Trophy-ness award four years ago for Excellence in Teaching and Inspiring Students.

She wrote to tell us that after teaching in her own classroom for almost 20 years, she had just accepted a position as her school’s Reading Specialist.  And that, as part of her new position:  “I’ve suggested that the end-of-the-year reward for students who have shown the most kindness throughout the year be a nice, shiny, kindness trophy! I showed the committee the one you sent me!! I’ll let you know if they decide to go with my great idea!! I think the kids would love your personalized trophies!”

Custom Engraved Award for Trophy Central's Show Us Your Sue winner Jill Cofsky for Teaching Excellence

“Show Us Your Sue” alum Jill Cofsky won our Random Acts of Trophy-ness award four years ago for Excellence in Teaching and Inspiring Students.

Of course Team Trophy Central wrote her back to congratulate her on her amazing new role and to thank her for thinking of us and our trophies.  But even more than that, to thank her for thinking of us in regard to kindness. 

When we started our Random Acts of Trophy-ness “Show Us Your Sue” campaign four years ago, we had two goals in mind: to deliver smiles to those making the world a better place by being themselves, and also to inspire more and more acts of kindness.  So it means the world whenever anyone associates Trophy Central with kindness because we truly believe that kindness has a ripple effect.  The more kindness we witness, the more kindness we exude.

Everyday Acts of Kindness, Each and Every Day!

We were thrilled to hear that Jill’s school, Chaffee Elementary School in Oxford, Massachusetts, had partnered with the 365Z Foundation, a free program to encourage students to be kind to each other each and every day.

And super excited to hear back in May that Jill’s school committee had decided to go with her amazing idea to award kindness trophies to students who had demonstrated the most kindness throughout the year!

Students with Kindness Trophies Trophy Central

Front row left to right: Joshua G., Mario, Hailey, Caleb, and William. | Back row left to right: Liam, McKenna, Ethan, and Joshua A. | The trophy winners pictured here are with their school principal, Mr. Rob Pelczarski aka “Captain Kindness.” | Not in photo: Emily W., Bridget, and Hunter.

On June 3rd, Jill’s school had an official Kindness Assembly where students were awarded with Trophy Central’s kindness trophies. 

Jill writes:

Students were able to earn recognition for showing kindness throughout the year. There were four events. Each term, teachers honored students who had shown kindness and a commitment to helping someone in some way, every day!

“Students could earn a certificate, then other small rewards each term if they showed a personal commitment to helping others.

“The final Kindness Assembly culminated with a small group of students, who were exceptional role models of kindness, being awarded super-cool trophies created by Trophy Central!! They were thrilled!

“We plan on continuing the 365Z Foundation’s mission of spreading kindness in our school and our community and taking action in our commitment to helping others next school year as well!!”

How incredible is that?!!

Congratulations to Chaffee Elementary School students Joshua G., Mario, Hailey, Caleb, William, Liam, McKenna, Ethan, Joshua A., Emily W., Bridget and Hunter on exhibiting extreme kindness year-round!!  We are so honored to have been able to make your special custom kindness trophies to reward you for your thoughtfulness and generosity.

Captain Kindness and the Kindness Café

We would be remiss if we did not giddily recount the fact that Chaffee Elementary School principal, Mr. Rob Pelczarski, donned a superhero cape as Captain Kindness to hand out our kindness trophies at the Kindness Assembly!

Captain Kindness Trophy Central

Chaffee Elementary School principal, Mr. Rob Pelczarski, AKA Captain Kindness, handing out kindness trophies at the Kindness Assembly.

Jill tells Team Trophy Central that he also donned his cape to have lunch each term with the students recognized as the kindest-of-the-kind in what is designated as the Kindness Café!

Jill says: “The Kindness Café is a room in our school where our principal placed tables with tablecloths (rather than desks) where he eats lunch with the students who have been recognized that term for their Acts of Kindness.

“The recognition does not come from one instance/act of kindness but is given to those students who show consistent kindness and helpfulness in some way, every day! Using polite manners, showing kindness to a classmate, offering to help a teacher, being a good friend, etc. Therefore, being a trophy winner (by earning a reward all four terms of the year) certainly proves that these students are being positive role models and making a difference in the lives of those around them!”

Inside the Kindness Cafe

Kindness Award winners enjoying lunchtime at the Kindness Cafe. Bravo, students!

Team Trophy Central would like to thank Jill Cofsky, Principal Pelczarski and Lisa Casillo, Chaffee Elementary’s Mindfulness teacher who brought the 365Z Program to their school.

Jill says: “I’m delighted to share the amazing success of our new program thanks to Lisa, Mr. P. and our staff, and, most of all, our Kindness Award winners at Chaffee!”

Team Trophy Central concurs!

Kindness Sparkles

We send heartfelt thanks to Jill for thinking of us and our kindness trophies, originally inspired by the Sue Heck character on the sitcom The Middle.  We wanted to give out trophies to the Sue Hecks of the world, those perhaps not likely to win trophies in traditional trophy-giving spheres like sports and performance arts, but who are SO TROPHY-WORTHY because they make the world a better, more sparkly place by being themselves.

Trophy Central Sue Heck Superhero Award -- Celebrating Inspiring People and Stories -- trophycentral.com

Thank you to Jill for supporting our mission to reward and inspire kindness year-round.

We hope more and more schools will follow the excellent example of Chaffee Elementary School and their students who are leading the way with their inspiring acts of kindness.

Congratulations again to all the kindness award winners, and thank you Chaffee Elementary for allowing Team Trophy Central to be a part of such an incredible event.

Getting to see the pictures of your students smiling with our trophies is the best gift we could possibly ask for!

Let’s keep this kindness party going!  Who would YOU like to see be honored with one of our shiny kindness trophies?!  Do you know someone who is making the world a better place by being in it?  Then #ShowUsYourSue!  Nominate our next Random Acts of Trophy-ness “Show Us Your Sue” winner in the comments section below or on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #ShowUsYourSue!  We can’t wait to send the next winner a trophy to reward their kindness!

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