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A Trophy Central Mystery: The Case of the Missing Package

Kristy Jo Volchko books

A package full of smiles courtesy of children’s book author Kristy Jo Volchko!

Last month, Trophy Central awarded children’s book author Kristy Jo Volchko our Random Acts of Trophy-ness “Show Us Your Sue’’ award for “Outstanding Philanthropic Spirit: Inspiring Hope and Spreading Love Through Books and Reading.”

For those who don’t know, our “Show Us Your Sue” trophy is inspired by the fictional Sue Heck character on ABC’s The Middle. At Trophy Central, we’re big fans of the underdogs, people like Sue Heck who may not be considered trophy-worthy in traditional trophy-awarding spheres (sure, we LOVE giving out trophies at school events, but surely not all of us can be quarterbacks and head cheerleaders!) but who nevertheless make the world a better place by being themselves.

We’re in love with Sue’s indefatigable spirit and the fact that she never, EVER gives up.

As Sue Heck says with fervent determination: “The more I fail, the stronger I get,” and all of us at Trophy Central are in awe of her positivity, resilience and strength.

Sue Heck is an everyday hero who inspires, and Kristy Jo Volchko is one too. Kristy not only writes children’s books with stories that teach kids to have compassion, confidence and hope; she also donates proceeds from her hildren’s books to children’s charities such as St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Unicef.

Kristy Jo Volchko award Trophy Central

Smiles like Kristy Jo Volchko’s are the reason Trophy Central’s Random Acts of Trophy-ness “Show Us Your Sue” campaign exists.

The Trophy-Worthy Mystery Begins

And now on to the mystery portion of this blog!

In mid July, Kristy wrote to Trophy Central asking for our address so she could send us a package of her children’s books as a thank you for sending her a trophy that made her smile.

Nearing the end of July, her package still hadn’t arrived.

Kristy was getting nervous and Team Trophy Central was too. Every time we went to check our mail box, we held our breath in excited anticipation of receiving Kristy’s children’s books… and every time Kristy’s package wasn’t in our pile of mail, we felt bluer and bluer.

We really didn’t want to have to write to her to say another day had gone by and her package STILL hadn’t shown up.

But we had to tell her the truth.

When we did, we got even worse news back: According to tracking, it had arrived a week ago and was left at “the front door or porch.”

But the address we gave was a PO box! There’s no porch to leave it on and it’s a BUSINESS— meaning the mail delivery person would surely not just leave it outside the door for any random person in the shopping center to pick up off the floor! According to tracking, it was delivered during normal business hours, meaning the mail delivery person was supposed to OPEN THE DOOR and leave our package inside at the front desk!!

That’s when Kristy wrote to us to say “It had smiley and love and butterfly stickers all over the interior and exterior, a beautiful handwritten card and signed copies of all four books. I have no doubt that this circus looking package would’ve made you crack up laughing!”

It sounded like a bundle of pure love. How could it be missing?!

When Kristy wrote to Trophy Central to say “I think someone stole your package. That makes me want to cry,” we wanted to cry too!

But in genuine Show Us Your Sue-spirit, we were determined not to give up!

Fingers Crossed… and a Clue

Kristy Jo Volchkin books 1

Trophy Central loves this handwritten thank-you note from author Kristy Jo Volchko.

It sounded like the mail delivery person had to have delivered the package to the wrong address. But a week had now passed. Was there any chance of finding it?!

We told Kristy we were on the case!

We contacted the owner of our PO box place and submitted a very long “missing package” form online.

Kristy promised she would keep her fingers crossed.

The owner of Trophy Central’s PO box place got back to us right away to say he had done some investigating and found out that a different mail person was working on the day Kristy’s package was delivered, not the mail person who normally does his deliveries.

He concurred that the new delivery person must have delivered the package to the wrong address.

We were happy to have some info, but it didn’t exactly bring the package back.

Perseverance is Winning

A week went by and still no news. Then, two weeks later, Team Trophy Central received a note from our PO box place saying they had located the missing package by talking to many mail delivery people and tracking it down from the tracking number!!!!!

We immediately wrote to Kristy to say we were on our way to pick it up!

Kristy wrote back: “Nooooo way!!!!!!!!!!!! You just made my night! You are adorably relentless, you super sleuth, you! I cannot believe you tracked it down after all this time, you are something! Thank you for caring about your package this way. It means so much to me that you took this time to recover it. You’re truly awesome.”

We think Kristy is truly awesome! Upon opening her package, we were overcome with joy! Everything was still perfectly intact. The stickers on the outside of the package made us smile. Kristy also wrote us a beautiful and heartwarming card, filled with even more stickers and love. Everything was put together with so much love and care — it was even more a bundle of love than we could have possibly imagined.

Kristy Jo Volchko books 3

Team Trophy Central thinks these cheerful stickers are awesome — we think Sue Heck would agree!

We were gifted with autographed copies — beautifully signed to Trophy Central! — of Kristy’s books Frogs Can Fly, Operation Scrub-A-Dub Skunk, The Clubhouse Cabobble and There Are No Monsters at Cackleberry Creek.

Kristy also gifted us with four bookmarks — one for each of her books! — and adorable little laminated gift cards to download her ebooks. And everything was tied together so nicely with pretty red ribbon!

The moral of the story? Sue Heck-like persistence and optimism pays off!

Even after Trophy Central had Kristy’s package in our possession and had opened it and marveled over everything, Kristy still couldn’t believe we’d found it:

“No one would even believe how hilarious this was. ‘The case of the missing package’ is what I’ve been calling this mystery. My husband just laughed every time I filled him in on a new development. He says, when women are determined, watch out! I wholeheartedly agree. I said I can picture you climbing over mountains, swimming through rivers and wading through moats to get to the bottom of this. This makes you receiving it all the sweeter. This is how I felt when you sent me my beautiful trophy that still sits on my mantle. I hope you enjoy the stories.”

Team Trophy Central is so happy your trophy makes you as happy as your package made us, Kristy! Thank you for letting us tell this story on our blog. It was so “Show Us Your Sue” that we couldn’t resist! Three cheers for never, EVER giving up!

Speaking of Show Us Your Sue…

Trophy Central custom engraved award for Kari Joys

Custom engraved trophy for Random Acts of Trophy-ness “Show Us Your Sue” award winner.

Trophy Central is happy to announce August’s Random Acts of Trophy-ness “Show Us Your Sue” trophy winner Kari Joys, nominated by Carla Horn, previous “Show Us Your Sue winner for “Making a Difference With Positivity & Love”.

Kari won “The Path to Inner Peace Award” for the work she does as a psychotherapist to help people overcome stress, anxiety, depression and abuse.

Congratulations, Kari!

Now it’s up to you! Our Random Acts of Trophy-ness “Show Us Your Sue” award is only as good as the nominations we receive. So please Show Us Your Sue! You can nominate your Random Acts of Trophy-ness pick in the comments section below or on Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #ShowUsYourSue. Don’t forget to tell us why your nominee is trophy-worthy!

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