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Rainbow Bright ‘Sweetsie Sue’ Becomes Youngest Winner of Our Random Acts of Trophy-Ness Award


Meet Ily Scott, Trophy Central’s Random Acts of Trophy-ness: Show Us Your Sue award for “Best Positive Spirit: Changing the World with Kindness and Love.”

This holiday season, Trophy Central wants you to bring your some year-end joy. Ten-year-old Ily Scott, this month’s winner of our Random Acts of Trophy-ness “Show Us Your Sue” award, will help everyone ring in 2017 with a big smile.

Ily lives in a crowded, sometimes chaotic household. But she never lets any of the natural turmoil get her down. Ily is so much like Sue Heck, whose indefatigable spirit keeps ABC’s The Middle from becoming just another typical family sitcom, that her mom calls her Sweetsie Sue.

“Ily brightens up the day of everyone around her because of her positive energy, silliness and encouraging attitude,” Lisa Scott wrote in a note to Trophy Central. She says that, like Sue, Ily is an ENFP – the free spirited and passionate personality type identified on the Myers-Briggs personality indicator.

Mom’s Cheerleader

“Nothing gets her down,” says her mom. “She has four brothers and sisters, including 5-year-old twins and whenever I have a hard day, which is often, I can ALWAYS count on her to cheer me up. It is her natural tendency to just come up to me and take my hand and say, ‘Mom, we love you no matter what and we know you are doing the best you can.'”

Still harbor doubts that Ily deserves December’s Random Acts of Trophy-ness award?

Here’s what else her mom had to say:

“I love her kindness, and her spirit and the fact that she cries when she hears Bruno Mars sing Just The Way You Are because she thinks it’s so beautiful.”

Mom’s Opposite

And Lisa Scott did not nominate her mini-me. She says she doesn’t recognize her personality in her daughter’s.

“I am the opposite of Ily – a pessimist and a negative thinker and I thank God every day that he gave me Ily to bring some color and sunshine into my world.”

With these words in mind, Trophy Central is beyond pleased to award Ily “Sweetsie Sue” Scott our Random Acts of Trophy-ness award for Best Positive Spirit: Changing the World with Kindness and Love.

When we told Lisa her daughter had won, she thanked us and added, “She has wanted a trophy so badly that she started keeping one of my old trophies on her night stand so she will be beaming from ear to ear when she finally gets one of her very own.”

Ily’s Gratitude

And she was right! Lisa sent us this tweet of Ily with her Trophy Central trophy.


Team Trophy Central is delighted to hear that Ily’s trophy is her new “favorite thing!”

And Ily further proved her trophy worthiness by sending us a thank you note, “Dear Trophy Central. Thank you so much for the shiny trophy. I love how pretty it is.”


This beautiful handmade thank-you note put the biggest smile on the faces of team Trophy Central!

You’re very welcome, Ily. But it’s really we who should be thanking YOU. Your bright spirit is shinier than any trophy and deserves a mantel of its very own. You light up the world – making every day seem like a holiday.

Thank you also to everyone who supports Trophy Central’s Random Acts of Trophy-ness #ShowUsYourSue campaign, our feel-good project that recognizes and awards everyday heroes who inspire.

Do YOU know someone who makes the world a better place simply by being him/herself? Then please nominate this award-worthy person for our Random Acts of Trophy-ness “Show Us Your Sue” award in the comments section below, or on Facebook or Twitter using #ShowUsYourSue. Don’t forget to tell us why you think your nominee deserves a trophy!

5 thoughts on “Rainbow Bright ‘Sweetsie Sue’ Becomes Youngest Winner of Our Random Acts of Trophy-Ness Award

    1. You are SO WELCOME, Lisa! Sorry for the delay in writing back to you… Seeing this comment from you is the absolute BEST. It makes the whole Trophy Central team SO happy to have made Ily “Sweetsie Sue” so happy. We will cherish the beautiful thank you drawing she made for us always. And we are thrilled Ily likes her blog. She is definitely a very special person who is making the world a better place each and every day. She makes our job of giving out trophies have so much extra meaning and purpose. Please tell her that if she ever wants to nominate a friend or teacher or any one else to win a trophy, someone she believes is making the world a better place, to let us know. And please thank her again for being such a kind, positive soul. The world needs her kindness and positivity so much and we are so grateful to know she’s spreading joy wherever she goes.

      1. This Is Ily. I’m 12 now and I still cherish this trophy to this day. I go to middle school now and I’m a lot more stressed lately. But when I come home everyday and see my trophy on the shelf, I’m proud for what I’ve accomplished and it helps me through the rest of the day. Thanks again! – Sweetsie Sue

        1. Hi Ily! Thank you so much for your beautiful and heartfelt note. Sorry we are so late seeing it. It got buried in our website, but that just made finding it today feel like finding buried treasure! 🙂 We are so, so happy that you still love your trophy, and that seeing it when you come home from school reminds you of all your accomplishments. Middle school is definitely stressful, so we are grateful to know that seeing your trophy reminds you of how amazing you are. Thank you for being YOU, Sweetsie Sue! 🙂

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