Talking About Failure: What Parents Can Do to Motivate Kids in School

When children view their abilities as something they can change over time, they’re more apt to deal well with challenges, researchers say. And what parents say

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I am a firm believer that setting realistic expectations at home, at work and in life represents one of the most important contributors to one’s happiness. Someone who sets their sights on being president or creating the next Facebook runs a high risk of falling short in their goal and feeling a sense of failure when it doesn’t come to fruition. That’s not to suggest that we shouldn’t set “stretch” goals – these can be very helpful and what drive innovation. But we must be careful to set expectations appropriately, especially with our kids.


How we as role models react to failure can have a significant influence on a child’s perception of themselves and their future growth. Read on to learn more about the importance of communication and the impact it might have in motivating your child.