7 Ways to Bring Your Small Business Team Closer

A Small business team that works well together contributes to the overall success of a company. Here are 7 ways to help facilitate a cohesive team.

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This article takes a slightly different perspective by looking at motivating teams as opposed to individuals.  This can be especially important for small businesses, but can also help those in larger organizations feel like they belong to a community.


The essence of this piece is that there should be an added focus on setting goals with teams, and similarly, rewarding teams and not just individuals.


It also looks at other group dynamics, such as how to handle unpopular opinions and how to resolve disputes amongst team members.

5 Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Unmotivated Students

If we know what works to motivate students, why are so many students still unmotivated? These five questions will help you determine if your practice is really in line with research.

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We have an obligation to motivate our students.  Sometime this seems like an impossible task, after all, some kids are unreachable, right?


Not true.  While there are no silver bullets, there are proven techniques that will help you motivate kids that you thought were impossible to reach.


This article found in Cult of Pedagogy explores five important questions to help guide you through what otherwise might feel like an impossible journey.