New Research Shows Exactly Why Employee Recognition Matters

Seven of 10 employees who have received recognition say they’re happy with their jobs. Without recognition, satisfaction drops sharply to 39%.

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Just how important is employee recognition? Do all employees respond to the same types of rewards?  We can all guess the answers based on our own experiences in the workplace, but here is research that can actually provide more concrete answers.


If you have the time, click through to the related HBR article, “The Easiest Thing You Can Do To Be A Great Boss.

What I Learned From Teachers Who Inspired Me

Inspired by his colleagues, one teacher learned to differentiate instruction, foster a flexible learning environment, avoid harshly penalizing failure, and encourage problem solving and innovation.

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We are all students and can all learn from one another. So what did David Cutler, a high school teacher from Boston, learn from the teachers who inspired him in his youth?


It starts with situational teaching and an understanding that students all have different needs. What other lessons did David take with him over the years?  Read on…

10 TED Talks from inspiring teachers

A great teacher can change the trajectory of your life. Here, talks from teachers you’ll wish you had.

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Teachers make a difference.  They change lives.  Here is a wonderful selection of TED Talks from a diverse group of teachers who have one incredible thing in common – they inspire others.  Don’t miss any of these 10 inspirational videos.

5 Essential Ways to Reduce Employee Turnover

Most new hires don’t intend to quit within a few months, but poor management can cause them to change their tune.

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Employee turnover is costly and bad for morale.  We all know what it’s like when an essential member of the team leaves.  And it typically gets worse after that.  When one person moves on it often opens the door a crack for others to consider it and start investigating “life on the outside”.


So what can you do to ensure your employees stay longer? According to Meneka Shroff, it is all about effectively communicating.


9 Leadership Behaviors That Lose Employee Trust and Respect

These proven strategies will demoralize, disrespect, uninspire, and alienate your employees, and highly motivate them to seek employment elsewhere.

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We often hear about strategies to improve morale and motivation.  But are there certain behaviors that will erode trust and worsen the workplace environment?  Of course there are!


Read this Inc. article to learn what behaviors you as a leader should steer clear at the office.

10 Best Ways to Engage and Connect With Employees

Great leaders don’t just manage employees; they make sure employees are motivated, engaged and inspired when coming to work.

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According to this post from David Grossman, most workplace issues with employees are the result of poor or lacking communication.  If you want to better connect with your employees, communication is the key. These tips provide some great insight as to how to improve communication at your business, and as a result, create  better engaged employees.

Motivating Employees in the Workplace

Adecco USA’s staffing and HR experts bring you top strategies for motivating your employees to drive productivity and business success.

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Once of the best ways to improve your bottom-line is by increasing employee productivity. Evidence shows that motivated and engaged  employees are more productive than those who are unmotivated. Studies also show that more motivated employees also produce higher quality results and have less turnover.  So how can you improve productivity and drive better results?  Check out these tips!

16 Inspirational Quotes From Children’s Literature

RT @edutopia: 16 timeless quotes sure to resonate with EVERY age: #litchat #literature

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Whether you are trying to inspire middle school students or high schoolers, these quotes are sure to do the trick.  We all know it is difficult to get some children to read, but kids are sure to relate to these simple but important messages.

Frugal Business by Mike Schiemer: 8 Great Steve Jobs Business Quotes

8 Great Steve Jobs Business Quotes To Motivate & Inspire You. Words of Wisdom From Apple Co-Founder & Visionary.

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How can you inspire a grander vision for your employees and company?  In previous articles we explored some great ideas for employee motivation.  Now we turn to one of the best, if not the greatest innovator of our time, Steve Jobs, for some clues. Here are eight quotes from Jobs that are sure to get you thinking!

20 Tips for Motivating Gifted Kids to THINK!

Chances are good that you have at least a few gifted children in your classroom, even if they aren’t formally identified as being gifted.

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Motivating any child can be difficult, and motivating gifted children, contrary to what you might believe, are no exception.  From setting higher bars, to praising effort rather than answers, the tips found in this article are sure to be helpful.


This article is recommended even for those educators who are not directly associated with gifted children.