Random Acts of Trophy-ness: Introducing the Sue Heck Superhero Award!

For every head cheerleader and quarterback bound for trophy glory, there are dozens of hard-working, enthusiastic kids who will never win a trophy under normal circumstances.

Does that make them any less worthy of acclaim, any less worthy of our attention?

At Trophy Central, we think not! That’s why we’re introducing to you (drumroll, please!) the Sue Heck Superhero Award!

Winning with Can-Do Spirit

For anyone not in the know (and to those people we highly recommend you rectify the situation at once — plenty of laugh-out-loud moments await!) Sue Heck is a character played by Eden Sher on ABC’s sitcom The Middle.

Sue Heck is pro-active and undeterrable. When she didn’t make it onto her high school’s cheerleading team, she invented her own. Scrappy and resilient Sue Heck came up with the name and concept for The Wretlerettes, a squad of misfits who cheer with zest and fervor for their high school wrestling team.

Sue Heck has tried out for — and been rejected by — every possible team, sport and talent competition imaginable. Yet her can-do spirit always shines. She remains ever-positive, ever-optimistic and feels just as jump-up-and-down excited when she makes the “no cuts” Cross Country Team and “everyone gets in” Lunchroom Talent Show than she would have been to win the lead in a play or the yearbook award for Best Smile.

Turning Invisibility into a Super Power

The Sue Heck Superhero Award | Trophy CentralSue Heck, like a lot of pre-teens and teens (and grownups!) struggles to fit in, struggles to be seen and heard. While Jan Brady uses her middle child status to complain that her older sister, Marcia-Marcia-Marcia, gets all the attention, Sue Heck rises above her older brother Axl’s popularity and her younger brother Brick’s stand-out quirkiness by refusing to let her invisibility get her down. In fact, she uses her ability to “blend in” to secure Justin Bieber tickets! A local radio station in “The Middle” is giving away 200 free tickets to a Justin Bieber concert — to the first 200 people who wait in line overnight. Sue and her mom, Frankie Heck (played by the incomparable Patricia Heaton) have prime status in the “Bieber Fever” line, until a large group of people cut in front of them. So Frankie complains — with the cutters in front of them, there’s no way they’re going to get the Justin Bieber tickets — and amid the commotion, Sue slips (unseen, as always) in front of all the cutters, securing her a prime spot in line and winning her Justin Bieber tickets!

Sue Heck turns her so-called weaknesses into strengths, and it is this winning spirit that makes us at Trophy Central delighted to be in the business of delivering smiles. We believe Sue Heck is a superhero — and you should too!

Rewarding Sue Heck Superheroes — Show Us Your Sue!

We believe in celebrating all victories, big and small. And we are turning to YOU to help us find the Sue Heck Superheroes of the world!

Calling all teachers: Please reach out to us with the name of an untraditionally deserving student and tell us why this student deserves our Sue Heck Superhero Award!

Calling all employers: Tell us the name of a worker who doesn’t, perhaps, have the highest sales record, but who has a nice attitude or is always first to the office. Nominate someone who takes three buses to get to work but is always on time for our Sue Heck Superhero Award!

Calling YOU: Is there a Sue Heck in your life whose positivity is effervescent? Someone who always makes lemonade out of lemons, always sees the glass half full? We want to hear about this Sue Heck Superhero!

Nominate YOUR Sue Heck in the comments section below or send us an e-mail telling us why YOUR Sue Heck deserves the Sue Heck Superhero Award! We will be checking hashtags around social media, so use the hashtag #ShowUsYourSue to nominate the special Sue Heck in YOUR life. We will reward our favorite Sue Heck victory stories by sending out trophies to our favorite Sue Heck Superheroes.

Here’s to the underdogs, dream chasers, go-getters and Sue Hecks!

(Really, please do! Nominate YOUR Sue Heck Superhero now! We can’t wait to meet your Sue!)