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DIY Coffee Bar

curly_final_diy_bannerWe love the idea of Do It Yourself (DIY) trophies and trophy home decor. We just found an awesome example of being able to use trophies in your house in a classic and elegant way. A blog called Driven by Decor talked about their kitchen make over. They turned a section of their kitchen into their own little coffee bar, which is a great idea because who can live without coffee? Not many.

It’s also great to find ways to decorate in different ways that make it unique and really your own. Being able to use unconventional items like a trophy to decorate your house can be one of these ways to achieve that unique and original look for your home.

Kris, who runs the Driven by Decor blog talks about her new coffee bar. She found this trophy cup at an outlet mall, which is awesome that you are able to find trophy decor in stores now. She used this trophy cup as a holder for her filters and measuring spoon. The trophy is a rustic yet classic look that fits perfectly in with the rest of her coffee bar.


This is one the coolest ideas! If you wanted to make it more of a DIY, you could look for trophy cups like this at garage sales, flee markets, thrift stores or your own collection of trophies. You can sand down the trophy and use whatever color you prefer. If you are going for the rustic look, try sanding the trophy after you have painted (and let it dry) to give it an older look.

Thanks for the awesome idea Kris!


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