It’s Never Too Early For Basketball Trophies

“The history of basketball begins with the invention of the game in 1891 in Springfield, Massachusetts in the United States. Canadian James Naismith invented the first basketball game.” Who knew that a simple ball and a basket could change the world.


Basketball is one everyone’s favorite sport to watch and play, and is definitely an anticipated one to say the least. It is never too early to think about trophies and awards for the end of the basketball season. You never want to be left empty handed or relying on low quality, unappealing trophies. Kids are working their absolute hardest they can, and putting all of their heart into what they are doing, so being able to award them with something amazing is the least we can do for them.

mx707Basketball is such an exciting and energetic sport, so of course we offer a lot of dynamic trophies and awards that show all the excitement seen in a game. This Motion Extreme trophy embodies that amazing moment of a slam dunk that we all love. We have motion trophies in both men and women figures. It is always fun to have a variety of trophies rather than all of the same.

wbt657This is another one of our dynamic awards that shows some awesome motion to match that game intensity. These boy and girl Burst through trophies are some of our favorites. They take a new look for trophies and the small size shows a crazy amount of motion and energy.

sportsawards_2269_582682788Of course we also have those amazing tiered trophies that are for some of those most important games of our lives. For big games that means big awards. Of course all of that hard work should be shown off and this two tier – three column trophy shows off all the energy put into the season.

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 8.27.18 PMWe love to hear success stories.. tell us about your basketball or any sport’s success story. We will share your story on our facebook page.