A Surprise Show Us Your Sue Trophy: The Generous Spirit Award

AnnaLisa Scott

Meet AnnaLisa Scott, winner of Trophy Central’s “Generous Spirit Award”.

This month, we surprised the latest Random Acts of Trophy-ness “Show Us Your Sue” winner by sending her a special shiny trophy with her name on it. She had no idea it was on its way, and it made her day.

The winner is AnnaLisa Scott, creator of The Worry Games blog, which was named one of the Top 10 Anxiety Blogs by Healthline.

AnnaLisa has been a longtime supporter of our ‘Show Us Your Sue” campaign, inspired by the Sue Heck character from The Middle and designed to reward everyday heroes who make the world a better place.

Sue Heck award Trophy Central

She wrote to us a little over a year ago to nominate her daughter, Ily Scott, for our “Show Us Your Sue” trophy, saying “Ily brightens up the day of everyone around her because of her positive energy, silliness and encouraging attitude.”


Like mother, like daughter! AnnaLisa Scott’s daughter, Ily Scott, smiling ear-to-ear with her Random Acts of Trophy-ness award.

AnnaLisa told Team Trophy Central that Ily’s nickname is even “Sweetsie Sue” because she, like Sue Heck, is able to make lemonade out of the sourest of lemons.


Team Trophy Central adores this colorful thank-you note from Ily Scott!

Rewarding Generosity

AnnaLisa Scott is also the person who so kindly nominated last month’s Random Acts of Trophy-ness “Show Us Your Sue” winner, Helena Tubridy.

AnnaLisa’s effusive praise of Helena’s kindness made Team Trophy Central instantly decide to send Helena a trophy.

Then we encountered a problem: Helena lived in Ireland, and because of a mishap delivering a trophy to the UK back in November, we had decided to limit our Random Acts of Trophy-ness “Show Us Your Sue” campaign to residents of the US only. Why? Because a trophy we’d sent to a very deserving children’s book author had been held hostage at customs and we felt HORRIBLE that we were powerless to get it to her. We felt so guilty that we had promised her a trophy, sent her a trophy, and then gave her a whole bunch of stress!

We didn’t want to give Helena this same stress, but we felt guilty all over again that, in our excitement to reward her generosity, we didn’t even look to see that she was out of the country!

That’s when AnnaLisa stepped in and volunteered to ship Helena the trophy herself! She said that if we shipped Helena’s trophy to her address, she would then send it on to Ireland!

Needless to say, AnnaLisa’s extraordinarily kind gesture warmed our hearts. We immediately knew we had to surprise her with a trophy of her own for her good deed! We aptly named it “The Generous Spirit Award”.

The Generous Spirit Award - Trophy Central

Congratulations on winning “The Generous Spirit Award,” AnnaLisa!

Paying Optimism and Kindness Forward

When Team Trophy Central told Helena of our idea to surprise AnnaLisa with a trophy, she had this to say:

AnnaLisa does indeed deserve a trophy. I’m very lucky to have ‘met’ her. Very special person, and I wish I could write as beautifully as she does to describe her. Warmth, kindness, authenticity, humor, wisdom, care, empathy. Superb blogs. Marvelous ambassador for US women on Twitter.”

We couldn’t agree more. Congratulations, AnnaLisa, on your much-deserved trophy! We know you say you’re the opposite of your daughter, Ily “Sweetsie Sue” — that you’re a pessimist and she’s an optimistic ray of sunshine — but you both bring so much love and kindness into this world.

Tweet from AnnaLisa Scott, Trophy Central's Random Acts of Trophy-ness award winner

Nothing makes Team Trophy Central happier than delivering smiles to people who make the world a better place simply by being themselves.

Team Trophy Central is reminded of this quote from The Middle, spoken in voiceover by Frankie Heck, Sue’s mom, after the family forgot Sue’s leap-year birthday and woke her up the next day at four in the morning to create a makeshift birthday celebration, which Sue LOVED:

“As I looked at her blowing out the bathroom candle on her patchwork carwash cake, I felt like sometimes I didn’t deserve her. The good thing about having somebody that optimistic in the family is that her optimism rubs off on all of us”.

Sue Heck Birthday Patchwork Cake The Middle

Trophy Central’s wish is that our feel-good Random Acts of Trophy-ness #ShowUsYourSue campaign inspires others to spread kindness and optimism everywhere they go, just like our muse, Sue Heck.

Team Trophy Central believes that kindness rubs off on others too. We thank AnnaLisa and her daughter Ily for their kindness because we know it inspires others to pay the kindness forward, making the world a better place.

Now it’s YOUR turn to pay the kindness forward! Nominate our next Random Acts of Trophy-ness “Show Us Your Sue” winner here in the comments section. Don’t forget to tell us WHY your nominee deserves a trophy! You can also nominate someone who is making the world a better place by being themselves on Twitter. Tweet us @TrophyCentral using our hashtag — #ShowUsYourSue!

It’s the Little Things: Rewarding Small Acts of Kindness and Sending Out Trophies!

Positivity street art mural

You never know how much a small kind gesture will change someone’s day. Team Trophy Central believes it’s the small kind gestures that add up to make the world a better place.

We love nothing more than celebrating everyday good deeds and encouraging everyone we know to take the time to make someone’s day better. This month’s Random Acts of Trophy-ness “Show Us Your Sue” winner does exactly that, and we couldn’t be more excited to reward her kindness with a shiny trophy!

AnnaLisa Scott

Thank you, AnnaLisa Scott, for your heartfelt nomination of our latest Random Acts of Trophy-ness “Show Us Your Sue” award winner!

AnnaLisa Scott, creator of The Worry Games blog, named one of the Top 10 Anxiety Blogs by Healthline (and mom to Ily “Sweetsie Sue” Scott, our youngest #ShowUsYourSue trophy winner to date!) wrote to us to nominate fertility coach Helena Tubridy with these heartfelt words:

“I would like to nominate Helena for the Random Acts of Trophy-ness award. Helena is everything that is positive and wonderful about social media. She uses her Twitter account not only as a career tool to help families achieve their dream of becoming parents, but to spread kindness and love.

“Helena is one of the first people I ‘met’ on Twitter. After tweeting back and forth with her a few times, I was struck by not only how smart and well educated she is, but how ‘human’ and positive she seemed.

“There is so much negativity on social media and I found her to be so refreshing. She reached out to me as a somewhat new Twitter user and made me feel welcome here, interacting with my tweets and asking about me and the work I do and she continues to do so. It’s nice to know somebody is thinking about you!

“Sometimes a month will go by without my hearing from her and then out of the blue, on what can be a somewhat stressful day for me, Helena will send me a tweet asking how I am doing and my day is a little bit brighter.

“Obviously she or I or any Twitter user can’t take every person/follower under our wing but if we all reached out to just a few people and kept a connection with them going, imagine what a better place social media could be, and imagine what a difference we could make in people’s ‘real’ lives.

“I have never met Helena in the real world. She is an ocean away from me. But she has brought real rays of light into my life and it would be great if we could all give a little bit of that to other people here in this new internet world we all share.”

How could we not send Helena a Random Acts of Trophy-ness award after such reading AnnaLisa’s beautiful words?!

Helena Tubridy

Congratulations, Helena! Welcome to the Trophy Central #ShowUsYourSue family!

Congratulations, Helena, on winning The Ray of Light Award! Thank you for regularly gifting AnnaLisa with positivity and kindness on social media. And thank you AnnaLisa for the reminder that one person truly can make a difference — and a ripple effect of good. As you so eloquently said, if everyone picks just one person to regularly reach out to with kindness, be it on social media or IRL, that’s a whole lot of kindness! If everyone pays the kindness forward, there will be a whole lot of smiles and a whole lot of hearts warmed.

Helena Tubridy - Ray of Light Award - Trophy Central

Team Trophy Central is proud to honor Helena Tubridy with “The Ray of Light Award!”

Team Trophy Central encourages you to reach out with love and kindness to one friend as soon as you finish reading this blog. We are certain you will make your friend smile and maybe even make their whole day! And if your friend pays that kindness forward, then the world will be a kinder, happier place.

Before you rush off to check in with your friend and send them positive vibes, please take a moment to nominate our next Random Acts of Trophy-ness #ShowUsYourSue winner! Nominating a do-gooder for a feel-good trophy is another way to brighten someone’s day! At Trophy Central, we don’t just sell trophies—we deliver smiles. Our Random Acts of Trophy-ness #ShowUsYourSue campaign honors underdogs, dreamers and everyday heroes who inspire. Pssst! Wondering the origin of #ShowUsYourSue? It was inspired by Sue Heck from The Middle, who is always positive, always optimistic and who never, ever gives up! She’s not the kind of person likely to win a trophy for “traditional” reasons (i.e.: being the best gymnast or winning a debate) but she’s EXACTLY the kind of person we want to give trophies to because she makes the world a better place by being herself! So please #ShowUsYourSue by nominating a trophy-worthy person in the comments section below or on Twitter. Then go text your friend and ask how their day is going! You will surely brighten their day!

New Trophy, New Smiles: Celebrating and Rewarding Everyday Acts of Kindness

Trophy Central Sue Heck Superhero Award -- Celebrating Inspiring People and Stories -- trophycentral.com

Acts of kindness go a long way. We’re lucky if an act of kindness makes us smile, luckier still if an act of kindness is life changing.

Where would we be, for instance, if that one person hadn’t invited us to sit with them for lunch in middle school? Or if that soon-to-be best friend hadn’t offered us a tissue (and a shoulder to cry on) during our first night away from home while at camp — or college?

Our Random Acts of Trophy-ness campaign to deliver smiles — and trophies! — to everyday heroes who inspire was created to pay it forward to people whose everyday acts of kindness make lives better.

Inspired by our personal hero, Sue Heck from ABC’s The Middle, we are determined to reward the Sue Hecks of the world; those special people who make your day better just by smiling at you and sprinkling some of their positivity in your direction.

Heck family - The Middle

At Trophy Central, we can always count on the entire Heck family to brighten our day.

Sue Heck makes our days better because she is perpetually positive, optimistic and she never, EVER gives up!

Sure she’s matured into a confident college student who is no longer hesitant to assert herself (which we applaud her for!) but her inherent Sue-ness (that sparkly passion for life and drive to keep going no matter what!) is always present and always will be.


Team Trophy Central is inspired by Sue Heck’s inherent Sue-ness. Who inspires YOU?

We asked our social media following to #ShowUsYourSue — as we do every month — and a former “Show Us Your Sue” winner, voice actor and elementary school teacher, Jill Cofsky, came through big time!

Custom Engraved Award for Trophy Central's Show Us Your Sue winner Jill Cofsky for Teaching Excellence

Thank you, Jill, for your heartfelt nomination and continued support of our Random Acts of Trophy-ness “Show Us Your Sue” campaign.

Kindness Changes the World

In true #ShowUsYourSue fashion, Jill took the time to write a thoughtful, heartfelt nomination. She nominated professional photographer Ed Diaz for our Random Acts of Trophy-ness “Show Us Your Sue” award with these effusive words:

“When I began my voice acting career, Ed believed in me and offered me my very first voiceover project narrating a promotional video for his studio. He’s also the one who insisted on taking my professional headshots for me and has always gone out of his way to take the time to sit and chat with me, offering me helpful business advice.

“Ed always greets his clients with a hug, is sure to bring the ‘fun factor’ into his photo sessions with lots of laughter, and makes each one of his clients feel like an old friend.

I would love to nominate Ed for a Random Acts of Trophy-ness Award for being such a generous, kind-hearted soul who always makes people smile and then creatively captures those special memories to last a lifetime.

“I feel that he deserves to be honored for his awesomeness!”

Trophy Central custom engraved award for Ed Diaz photography

The Smile-Maker Award: Inspiring Joy & Capturing Special Moments to Last a Lifetime

Team Trophy Central couldn’t agree more! That’s why we sent him a shiny #ShowUsYourSue trophy engraved with these words: The Smile-Maker Award: Inspiring Joy and Capturing Special Memories to Last a Lifetime.

Ed Diaz photographer - Diaz Digital Discoveries

Congratulations, Ed! Team Trophy Central is happy to welcome you to the Random Acts of Trophy-ness “Show Us Your Sue” family!

Congratulations, Ed! We hope you’ll continue to change lives with your kindness and hope that every time you look at your trophy, you’ll smile and know that kindness truly does change the world.

Trophy Central Random Acts of Trophy-ness Show Us Your Sue award winners

We want to deliver more trophies — and smiles! Please “Show Us Your Sue” by nominating a special someone to be our next winner!

Now it’s your turn to Show Us Your Sue! Please nominate our next Random Acts of Trophy-ness winner here in the comments section or by tagging us on Twitter with the hashtag #ShowUsYourSue. Don’t forget to tell us WHY your nominee is trophy-worthy! We aim to reward acts of kindness and hope that others will be inspired by our campaign to pay it forward and reward kindness in their own lives, either by sending someone who made your day a handmade card or calling them up on the phone (how retro!) to tell them how special they are! Let’s keep spreading kindness and sprinkling the world with positivity and love!

A Three-Legged Cat and Humans with Outstretched Arms: Trophy Central Celebrates a Community of Kindness

A Tabby Named Tripod

If a cat qualified for our Random Acts of Trophy-ness award, a tabby named Tripod would win one large enough to be used as a ceiling-high scratching post but so grand she – probably – wouldn’t take a single claw to it.

In true #ShowUsYourSue fashion, Tripod held out for six years to claim the home SHE wanted. Just like Sue Heck, fictional TV character for whom Trophy Central’s award campaign is named, Tripod didn’t let any obstacle get in the way of pursuing her dream.

A City of Human Angels

And she inspired a community of Los Angeles area residents — and a network that reached to Australia – to become kinder, better people who epitomize the spirit of goodness that we at Trophy Central commemorate each month.

We are pleased to acknowledge those who helped Tripod stay safe and loved during her fiercely independent journey to a “forever home.” And to honor one woman in particular, Jess Soares, who followed her heart to selflessly take Tripod in – and give her away.

Jess Soares, TrophyCentral Winner!

Meet Jess Soares, a true animal lover and Trophy Central’s latest Random Acts of Trophy-ness award winner!

A Neighborhood of Hope

Tripod, like the Sue Heck character on ABC’s The Middle, was born into a life more easily defined by obstacles than open doors. Tripod lost most of a rear back leg in an accident at birth. She was nursed to health by the first of many kind humans she encountered over the years and spent her first couple of years living in a garage and yard outside a Burbank, CA home.

Outside, she had the company of her mother and sister cats – all of whom became pregnant shortly before the humans who cared for Tripod decided to move – without Tripod or her kittens.

Tripod kittens

Tripod, a semi-stray at the time, gave birth to a liter of kittens when she was really just a baby herself.

That’s when Jess stepped in. She scooped up cats and kittens, paid for medical treatment – including spaying – and helped the would-be strays find families. She brought Tripod and two of her kittens into her home, where she thought all would adapt to an indoor life.


Jess Soares adopted two of Tripod’s kittens. She took the others to her local shelter, calling every day to check on their status. All of them were adopted.

Jess Soares kitten

Jess Soares sweetly cuddling one of Tripod’s kittens during a vet visit.

Tripod had other ideas. She INSISTED on living outdoors, which she did for the next four years. Jess provided food, a heated outdoor bed and collars that Tripod refused to wear.

A Community of Kindness

And that’s how Tripod created a community of kindness in her neighborhood. Passersby saw the three-legged, seemingly homeless cat and stopped to pet her. Patrons of a local bar and grill would call to her, some ALMOST missing happy hour to say hello. A few scooped her up and took her home, believing they were rescuing a stray.

Cat sign

This sign was placed in Jess’ garden in the hope of deterring strangers from scooping up Tripod, falsely thinking she was a stray.

But, within a day or two, Tripod would find her way back to her neighborhood. Jess would buy her a new collar and try to keep her inside. Tripod refused. Sometimes, during a storm, she took refuge with someone who kept a bed and food inside a hole in his house’s exterior. Sometimes, she paid a middle-of-the-night visit to another home, climbing through an often-open back door and helping herself to some Fancy Feast while the humans, cats and dogs slept.

Tripod Goes MISSING!

Tripod’s independent lifestyle suited her – and charmed hundreds of children and adults over the half dozen years. Until last December, when her usual disappearance of one or two days stretched to more than a week. And Jess was in Australia for the holidays, feeling helpless to do much more than check her surveillance cameras and pray for a Tripod sighting.

This is where Tripod’s community stepped up and how Tripod came to realize her dream.

Tripod missing poster

Go Team Tripod! Trophy Central would like to thank everyone who helped Tripod find her forever family.

Lila Hoeschler, a girl who counted on visiting Tripod daily, beseeched her mom to find her missing pal. To ease her daughter’s anguish, Suzy Hoeschler launched the rescue effort, putting up flyers, posting ads on Craigslist and notifying neighbors.

The neighbors included freelance writer Brijana Prooker, who remembered how Cindi Leive, Glamour’s former editor-in-chief, had found her lost cat through a vast social media network. She combed Cindi’s feed for rescue organizations. Her sister, Kelsey, a graphic artist, created compelling images of Tripod and the pair spent several days and sleepless nights posting Tripod’s profile online.

Tripod is Found!

Tripod at home

Princess Tripod lounging on a fluffy down comforter on a bed in her forever home.

Happy Tripod

Tripod enjoying a good neck scratching!

The neighbor’s efforts – and Tripod’s friendliness – paid off. People from miles away wrote to say they knew her and pledged to look for her. Eventually, word reached a man who had scooped up Tripod before Christmas. After spending more than a week with Tripod, he thought he’d given Tripod a home. He agreed to return her but didn’t want to leave her on the street.

Jess was still in Australia. She asked Kelsey if she could keep Tripod indoors for a few days and pledged to all of Tripod’s rescuers that she would buy Tripod a new collar and tracking device so that Tripod would never get lost again.

The man, with a sad face and arms laden with food, new toys and an unused scratching post, brought Tripod home the next day. The task of keeping Tripod indoors seemed insurmountable given the cat’s history – and given that she’d be sharing space with three dogs, one cat and three humans.

Tripod made no attempt to leave the house before Jess returned home four days later. Or for the next week. Or the week after that. Jess started bringing over supplies – two collars, the tracking device, a month’s supply of food, a toy. When she learned that Tripod, the fiercely independent outdoor cat, had become an indoor lap cat, she declared what Tripod already knew: She had found the home she had wanted for six years.

Tripod forever home

Tripod spends all day curled up on her new mom’s lap. Tripod loves that her mom is a writer who works from bed!

And the Random Acts of Trophy-ness Award Goes to…

It takes a special kind of caring to rescue stray animals. And a rare spirit of generosity to put the happiness of an animal above your own.

A lot of people made it possible for Tripod to find her forever – indoor – home. And Trophy Central thanks all of them, most of whose names we don’t know and never will. But it was Jess who rescued Tripod four years ago and Jess who beamed with happiness when she knew that Tripod had adopted the family she wanted.

Trophy Central award winner Jess Soares

Jess, you have a heart of gold. Thank you, first for rescuing Tripod and second for letting her go. Her new family is eternally grateful for your kindness, love and compassion.

So we are pleased to award Jess our latest trophy: The Magnanimous Spirit Award: Building a Community, One Heart, One Three-Legged Cat at a Time.

Jess Soares Show Us Your Sue award winner

Congratulations, Jess Soares, on winning Trophy Central’s Random Acts of Trophy-ness “Magnanimous Spirit Award.”

Show Us Your Sue

The success of Trophy Central’s Random Acts of Trophy-ness campaign depends on you. Tell us about the people who inspire you, who make your world a better place, who make you a better person.

We want to keep sending trophies. So please keep sending your nominations. Use the comments section below or reach out to us on Twitter or Facebook. Don’t forget to use the hashtag, #ShowUsYourSue!

Awarding the Community Spirit: New Random Acts of Trophy-ness Winner Announced!

The Middle - Heck family

Frankie Heck — seen here with her daughter Sue, sons Axl and Brick, and husband Mike — lives by one rule: You do for family. [Photo courtesy of ABC’s The Middle]

Frankie Heck, the matriarch in ABC’s sitcom The Middle, always says “You do for family.”

You show up, you cheer each other on, you stand by each other through good and bad.

Team Trophy Central was reminded of Frankie’s passion to “do for family” when past Random Acts of Trophy-ness #ShowUsYourSue winner June Sayali, founder of JuneBee Baby, wrote to us to nominate visual artist and photographer Sondra Rymer with these words:

“She is always kind, compassionate and supportive of other small shops. She relates to each and every one of us individually and reaches out with positive vibes on an ongoing basis. I admire her positive energy and sweet friendship that touch all of us in this small community.”

Heck family - The Middle

Sue Heck may have inspired Trophy Central’s #ShowUsYourSue campaign, but we love the entire Heck family! [Photo courtesy of ABC’s The Middle]

When a social media community feels like family, hearts are warmed and spirits soar.

June says Sondra brings “happy sunshine” to her social media family. Which is why we sent her a #ShowUsYourSue trophy engraved with these words: “The Sunshine Community Award: Shining Positive Light and Enriching Lives.”

Redefining Trophy-Worthy

Sue Heck award Trophy Central

For anyone new to the Trophy Central blog (a big, warm welcome to you!!) our Random Acts of Trophy-ness “Show Us Your Sue” award is inspired by Sue Heck, the always positive, always persistent daughter of Frankie Heck.

The Middle Sue Heck and Frankie Heck

Frankie Heck is always there to cheer on her daughter Sue. Team Trophy Central thinks that’s a major contributing factor to Sue’s indefatigable spirit. [Photo courtesy of ABC’s The Middle]

Sue Heck from The Middle inspired our campaign to deliver smiles — and trophies! — to people who make the world a better place by being themselves. Sue Heck spent her high school career trying out for anything and everything, almost always failing to make the cut, but never losing her confidence or sparkle.

In college, Sue founded a “no cuts” a cappella group because she wanted to create a community of like-minded people who love to sing even if they’re not the most talented singers. It’s that inclusion-oriented spirit and go get ’em attitude that makes Sue a star in Trophy Central’s eyes. So what if she never wins a trophy for singing? She deserves a million trophies for being herself, for her positive spirit that never fades, no matter how many times she hears the word no.

Congratulations, Sonya on your trophy win! We hope that, like Sue, you’ll keep spreading sunshine wherever you go and making your social media family smile.

Trophy Central Random Acts of Trophy-ness award Sondra Rymer

Congratulations, Sondra Rymer! Welcome to the #ShowUsYourSue family!

Let’s keep this party going! Our Random Acts of Trophy-ness “Show Us Your Sue” campaign to reward underdogs, dreamers and everyday heroes who inspire is only as good as the nominations we receive. Please #ShowUsYourSue by nominating a trophy-worthy person who makes the world a better place by being themselves! Nominate your pick to win our next shiny trophy by leaving a comment here on the blog or by tagging us on Twitter or Facebook using the hashtag #ShowUsYourSue. Don’t forget to tell us WHY your nominee deserves a trophy and how they are making a difference in this world. We thank OUR social media community, the #ShowUsYourSue family, for keeping this feel-good campaign going.

Celebrating Kindness and Awarding Good Deeds: A New Random Acts of Trophy-ness Winner Announced!

Meet Trophy Central's newest award winner, April Lynn! Congrats, April, on winning "The Uplifting Spirit Award."

Meet Trophy Central’s newest Random Acts of Trophyness: Show Us Your Sue award winner! Congrats, April Lynn, on winning “The Uplifting Spirit Award.”

Everyone can always use some kindness. A smile, a nice word, reassurance, support — all these things can make someone’s day, week, month, year — or even life. As Emily Dickinson so beautifully said, “Forever — is composed of Nows.” Add kindness to every now, and you’ve got yourself a pretty wonderful life.

Team Trophy Central was in need of a little kindness and positivity last month. As you may have read, the trophy we sent to Random Acts of Trophy-ness “Show Us Your Sue” winner Karen Emma Hall got held up at customs in the UK, and we were feeling pretty glum about it. We wanted to send her joy and smiles along with her shiny trophy — not stress and headaches! We shared this sentiment with Kristy Jo Volchko, the talented children’s book author who nominated Karen, and she made everything better!

Kristy, previous Random Acts of Trophy-ness “Show Us Your Sue” winner for “Outstanding Philanthropic Spirit,” said:

“That’s crazy about customs! I’m so sorry it’s held up like that, she must be so bummed. When she finally holds her golden gift of kindness in her hands she might cry and hop up and down like I did. It STILL sits on my mantel and once a week I sparkle it up with a dishcloth and tell it hello. (I’m totally serious.)

You really do spread joy to the hearts of so many in so many ways, and if you only knew how much that trophy means to me… It’s not the same kind of trophy you get from playing softball when you’re young or anything like that…this is different. I hope she gets as much pleasure from it as I have. Thank you for being YOU.”

Random Acts of Trophy-ness: Show Us Your Sue award winner Kristy Jo Volchko never fails to lift the spirits of team Trophy Central!

Random Acts of Trophy-ness: Show Us Your Sue award winner Kristy Jo Volchko never fails to lift the spirits of team Trophy Central!

Kindness and Positivity are Contagious

And suddenly, Team Trophy Central was jubilant! Kristy managed not only to cheer us up and alleviate our guilt over Karen’s package being held hostage, but also to so eloquently make us feel our mission has succeeded.

When Team Trophy Central started our Random Acts of Trophy-ness “Show Us Your Sue” campaign to deliver smiles — and trophies! — to underdogs, dreamers and everyday heroes who inspire, we wanted everyone who wins one of our trophies to feel as special as Kristy! Sue Heck, the fictional character from The Middle that we named our trophy campaign after, is not the type of person who wins trophies in traditional trophy categories. She’s not the best athlete, she’s not a gifted actor or singer, but she is trophy-worthy in our eyes because she’s the kind of person who never gives up. She makes her own dreams come true by being persistent, creative, ambitious and perpetually optimistic. And she inspires others to follow their dreams as well because her positivity is contagious.

Plus, can’t you just see Sue Heck polishing her trophy every week to keep it extra shiny, and saying hello to her trophy as she shines it, just like Kristy?! That is SO #ShowUsYourSue! Getting Kristy’s note was just the boost of optimism we needed!

It propelled us forward to send a new trophy to the latest Random Acts of Trophy-ness “Show Us Your Sue” winner, April Lynn.

Congratulations to Trophy Winner April Lynn!

Engraved on April’s trophy are these words: “The Uplifting Spirit Award: Making Days Brighter with Support and Kindness.”

More kindness in the world! What could be better?!

April Lynn received two nominations to win a “Show Us Your Sue” trophy from two past “Show Us Your Sue” trophy winners — Kristen Lamb and Brijana Prooker.

Kristen Lamb, author of the Dani P. Mystery series for children and “Show Us Your Sue” trophy winner for “Excellence in Inspiring Kids to Read and Write.” nominated April on Twitter using our #ShowUsYourSue hashtag, saying: “Her positive attitude definitely embodies the #ShowUsYourSue spirit.”

Thank you for your nomination, Kristen Lamb!

Thank you for your nomination, Kristen Lamb!

Brijana Prooker, an award-winning writer and filmmaker, and “Show Us Your Sue” trophy winner for “Excellence in Bravery, Determination, Creativity, Kindness & Pit Bull Advocacy” (which she shares with her mom and sister who, along with Brijana, make up the KOTAW Girl Gang) nominated April by saying: “I nominate her for being very supportive and kind. She went out of her way to share my new LinkedIn page with her followers across social media to connect me with good people.” Brijana then used the hashtag #trophyworthy along with our very own hashtag, #ShowUsYourSue.

Thank you, Brijana Prooker, for your nomination. You're KOTAWesome!

Thank you, Brijana Prooker, for your nomination. You’re KOTAWesome!

Rewarding Good Deeds and Paying it Forward with Kindness

Upon winning her Random Acts of Trophy-ness “Show US Your Sue” award, April said that it’s “seriously one of the greatest and most inspiring awards I’ve ever received. It was an amazing, happy reception on arrival!! I proudly display it so when I wake, I can see it as a great reminder!!!”

April also said: “My heart is recharged by those like you who remind us all how worthwhile good deeds and compassion truly are.”

You are very welcome, April, and our hearts are recharged by your good deeds and compassion as well! As Team Trophy Central said at the beginning of this blog, everyone can always use some kindness. You never know what someone is going through — if they’re having a bad day or feeling blue — and sometimes an act of kindness really can turn everything around, if even for a happy moment. Here’s to a happy forever, composed of many, many kind nows!

Now it’s YOUR turn to spread some kindness, Trophy Central readers! Help us with our mission to deliver smiles — and trophies! — to award-worthy recipients by nominating our next Random Acts of Trophy-ness “Show Us Your Sue” winner either in the comments section below or on Twitter using our hashtag #ShowUsYourSue! Please tell us WHY your nominee is trophy-worthy. Thank you so much for helping us reward good deeds and kindness!

Delivering Smiles and Awarding Trophies: Time to Celebrate Our Latest Winner!

Knitting the world a better place

Trophy Central is thrilled to announce the latest trophy winner for our Random Acts of Trophy-ness “Show Us Your Sue” award.  Let’s all collectively clap for June Sayali, founder of JuneBee Baby!  (If Tinkerbell can spring back to life from universal clapping, surely June can feel our collective cheering for her through this blog, right?!)

June’s shiny new trophy reads “The Knitting a Better World Award: Helping the Earth & Female Artisans While Giving Babies and New Moms Comfort”.

Congratulations, June! Your smile is OUR reward.

Congratulations, June! Your smile is OUR reward.

Congratulations, June!  And thank you to previous Show Us Your Suetrophy winner Jill Cofsky for nominating June. Jill wrote to Trophy Central to say that June is trophy-worthy because she’s “incredibly kind, supportive of mothers and her female artisans and worked hard to create her own earth-friendly, handmade baby clothing line.”

Awarding kindness with custom engraved trophies - Winner JuneBee Baby

Ear-to-Ear Smiles

When Team Trophy Central wrote to Jill, a voice actor and elementary school teacher who won our Random Acts of Trophy-ness award for “Excellence in Teaching and Inspiring Students” to thank her for her nomination and to tell her that June had won, she had this to say:

“I’m so glad that I can help you by nominating some amazing trophy-worthy friends for you to deliver smiles to!!! I hope you realize how much your act of kindness means to them and ME!! Not only did I have the honor of receiving one of your awards but I’ve had the opportunity to see the wonderful photos of the reactions of several of my amazing friends after receiving theirs, too!! Then *I* smile ear-to-ear all over again because I’m so happy for them!! It’s like one celebration after another!!”

Jill’s note articulates the very reason we started our Random Acts of trophy-ness “Show Us Your Sue” campaign — to deliver smiles to people who make the world a better place by being themselves.  Thank you, Jill for the best note ever and for your heartfelt support !

Show Us Your Sue!

For anyone who doesn’t know about our Show Us Your Suecampaign, this is what you need to know:

Our Random Acts of Trophy-ness “Show Us Your Sue” campaign was inspired by the pluck and perseverance of the Sue Heck character on ABC’s The Middle.

Sue Heck is the kind of person that traditional award ceremonies aren’t particularly kind to.  She’s not the most athletic or coordinated person.  She’s not blessed with a gifted singing voice or award-worthy acting chops.  But she is always the most passionate person in the room.  Sue Heck is persistent, optimistic and never, EVER gives up.  She makes things happen for herself rather than waiting for opportunities to be handed to her.  She is trophy-worthy because of her positivity and her sparkly zest for life.  She is always wholeheartedly HERSELF, no matter what anyone else thinks, and we think she deserves a trophy for being an everyday hero.

Sue Heck award Trophy Central

June is an everyday hero because of her commitment to creating eco-friendly knit-wear for babies — made of soft, natural fabrics (cotton and bamboo) — and because of her dedication to supporting female artisans.  A group of women — college students, moms, grandmothers — in Instanbul, Turkey — in addition to June herself, knit from the comfort of their homes. June says  I enjoy working with these gifted ladies and giving them the opportunity to work flexible schedules while earning proper incomes.”

Definitely trophy-worthy in our book!  Congratulations again, June!

Do YOU know any everyday hero?  Want them to get a trophy?  Then nominate them for our Random Acts of Trophy-ness “Show Us Your Sue” award by leaving a comment here on the blog or by tagging us on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #ShowUsYourSue.  Make sure to tell us WHY you think your nominee is trophy-worthy!

Giving Thanks and Awarding Those Who Make the World a Brighter Place

Note: We are working hard to rescue our latest winner’s trophy, currently being held hostage at customs, but we could not wait to share the announcement of our latest Random Acts of Kindness award! Read all about it below!

Karen Emma Hall custom engraved trophy

Happy Fall, friends! Thanksgiving is coming up, and all of us at Trophy Central are thankful to everyone in the world who is going out of their way to make the world a better place. Being kind to a stranger, helping animals, speaking up to right a wrong — these are just several ways to be a real-life superhero.

At Trophy Central, we’re all about real-life superheroes, people who make the world a happier, brighter place by being themselves. That’s why we created our Random Acts of Trophy-ness campaign to give out trophies to people who bring gratitude to hearts and smiles to faces.

We call it our “Show Us Your Sue” award because it was inspired by the perpetually optimistic Sue Heck character on ABC’s The Middle. Sue Heck is the kind of person who isn’t typically recognized in traditional trophy-giving categories, but who makes the world a more sparkly, positive place with her ebullient nature and persistent spirit. Sue Heck never, EVER gives up, and Team Trophy Central admires her ambition, determination and contagious zest for life.

A Trophy-Worthy Nomination

Congratulations, Karen Emma Hall! Thank you for making the world more colorful and bright!

Congratulations, Karen Emma Hall, on winning Trophy Central’s Random Acts of Trophy-ness Award! Thank you for making the world a better place, just by being YOU!

Our Random Acts of Trophy-ness “Show Us Your Sue” campaign is only as good as the nominations we receive and, given this nomination from former Show Us Your Sue trophy winner Kristy Jo Volchko, it’s pretty darn good!

Kristy Jo Volchko nominated fellow children’s book author Karen Emma Hall with these beautiful words:

“Nothing brings smiles and laughter more quickly than uplifting stories, colorful critters, art, creativity, and encouraging messages, all of which Karen Emma Hall is positively bursting with! Her upbeat, humorous, rainbow-ish energy that she kindly shares with the rest of us could turn even the most stubborn frown upside down. Now that’s magic! That’s why I decided to nominate Karen for the #ShowUsYourSue award because she is that energy, the kind that shares her inner rainbow with the world, bringing inspiration and joy to all who know her.”

Team Trophy Central thinks Kristy’s heartwarming nomination deserves a trophy!!

The Inner Rainbow Award


We awarded Karen Emma Hall with The Inner Rainbow Award, inspired by Kristy’s beautiful phrasing.

This is what it says on her trophy: The Inner Rainbow Award: Making the World More Colorful & Bright Though Positivity & Joy.

Congratulations on your trophy win, Karen!

Show Us Your Sue friends, we invite you to check out Karen’s website — which we think will make you smile! — here.

We also invite you to keep on nominating! To nominate someone for our Random Acts of Trophy-ness “Show Us Your Sue” award, please leave a comment here on the blog and tell us WHY your nominee deserves a trophy. You can also nominate someone by tagging us on social media with the hashtag #ShowUsYourSue. Find us on Twitter and Facebook. Happy nominating!

A Trophy Central Mystery: The Case of the Missing Package

Kristy Jo Volchko books

A package full of smiles courtesy of children’s book author Kristy Jo Volchko!

Last month, Trophy Central awarded children’s book author Kristy Jo Volchko our Random Acts of Trophy-ness “Show Us Your Sue’’ award for “Outstanding Philanthropic Spirit: Inspiring Hope and Spreading Love Through Books and Reading.”

For those who don’t know, our “Show Us Your Sue” trophy is inspired by the fictional Sue Heck character on ABC’s The Middle. At Trophy Central, we’re big fans of the underdogs, people like Sue Heck who may not be considered trophy-worthy in traditional trophy-awarding spheres (sure, we LOVE giving out trophies at school events, but surely not all of us can be quarterbacks and head cheerleaders!) but who nevertheless make the world a better place by being themselves.

We’re in love with Sue’s indefatigable spirit and the fact that she never, EVER gives up.

As Sue Heck says with fervent determination: “The more I fail, the stronger I get,” and all of us at Trophy Central are in awe of her positivity, resilience and strength.

Sue Heck is an everyday hero who inspires, and Kristy Jo Volchko is one too. Kristy not only writes children’s books with stories that teach kids to have compassion, confidence and hope; she also donates proceeds from her hildren’s books to children’s charities such as St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Unicef.

Kristy Jo Volchko award Trophy Central

Smiles like Kristy Jo Volchko’s are the reason Trophy Central’s Random Acts of Trophy-ness “Show Us Your Sue” campaign exists.

The Trophy-Worthy Mystery Begins

And now on to the mystery portion of this blog!

In mid July, Kristy wrote to Trophy Central asking for our address so she could send us a package of her children’s books as a thank you for sending her a trophy that made her smile.

Nearing the end of July, her package still hadn’t arrived.

Kristy was getting nervous and Team Trophy Central was too. Every time we went to check our mail box, we held our breath in excited anticipation of receiving Kristy’s children’s books… and every time Kristy’s package wasn’t in our pile of mail, we felt bluer and bluer.

We really didn’t want to have to write to her to say another day had gone by and her package STILL hadn’t shown up.

But we had to tell her the truth.

When we did, we got even worse news back: According to tracking, it had arrived a week ago and was left at “the front door or porch.”

But the address we gave was a PO box! There’s no porch to leave it on and it’s a BUSINESS— meaning the mail delivery person would surely not just leave it outside the door for any random person in the shopping center to pick up off the floor! According to tracking, it was delivered during normal business hours, meaning the mail delivery person was supposed to OPEN THE DOOR and leave our package inside at the front desk!!

That’s when Kristy wrote to us to say “It had smiley and love and butterfly stickers all over the interior and exterior, a beautiful handwritten card and signed copies of all four books. I have no doubt that this circus looking package would’ve made you crack up laughing!”

It sounded like a bundle of pure love. How could it be missing?!

When Kristy wrote to Trophy Central to say “I think someone stole your package. That makes me want to cry,” we wanted to cry too!

But in genuine Show Us Your Sue-spirit, we were determined not to give up!

Fingers Crossed… and a Clue

Kristy Jo Volchkin books 1

Trophy Central loves this handwritten thank-you note from author Kristy Jo Volchko.

It sounded like the mail delivery person had to have delivered the package to the wrong address. But a week had now passed. Was there any chance of finding it?!

We told Kristy we were on the case!

We contacted the owner of our PO box place and submitted a very long “missing package” form online.

Kristy promised she would keep her fingers crossed.

The owner of Trophy Central’s PO box place got back to us right away to say he had done some investigating and found out that a different mail person was working on the day Kristy’s package was delivered, not the mail person who normally does his deliveries.

He concurred that the new delivery person must have delivered the package to the wrong address.

We were happy to have some info, but it didn’t exactly bring the package back.

Perseverance is Winning

A week went by and still no news. Then, two weeks later, Team Trophy Central received a note from our PO box place saying they had located the missing package by talking to many mail delivery people and tracking it down from the tracking number!!!!!

We immediately wrote to Kristy to say we were on our way to pick it up!

Kristy wrote back: “Nooooo way!!!!!!!!!!!! You just made my night! You are adorably relentless, you super sleuth, you! I cannot believe you tracked it down after all this time, you are something! Thank you for caring about your package this way. It means so much to me that you took this time to recover it. You’re truly awesome.”

We think Kristy is truly awesome! Upon opening her package, we were overcome with joy! Everything was still perfectly intact. The stickers on the outside of the package made us smile. Kristy also wrote us a beautiful and heartwarming card, filled with even more stickers and love. Everything was put together with so much love and care — it was even more a bundle of love than we could have possibly imagined.

Kristy Jo Volchko books 3

Team Trophy Central thinks these cheerful stickers are awesome — we think Sue Heck would agree!

We were gifted with autographed copies — beautifully signed to Trophy Central! — of Kristy’s books Frogs Can Fly, Operation Scrub-A-Dub Skunk, The Clubhouse Cabobble and There Are No Monsters at Cackleberry Creek.

Kristy also gifted us with four bookmarks — one for each of her books! — and adorable little laminated gift cards to download her ebooks. And everything was tied together so nicely with pretty red ribbon!

The moral of the story? Sue Heck-like persistence and optimism pays off!

Even after Trophy Central had Kristy’s package in our possession and had opened it and marveled over everything, Kristy still couldn’t believe we’d found it:

“No one would even believe how hilarious this was. ‘The case of the missing package’ is what I’ve been calling this mystery. My husband just laughed every time I filled him in on a new development. He says, when women are determined, watch out! I wholeheartedly agree. I said I can picture you climbing over mountains, swimming through rivers and wading through moats to get to the bottom of this. This makes you receiving it all the sweeter. This is how I felt when you sent me my beautiful trophy that still sits on my mantle. I hope you enjoy the stories.”

Team Trophy Central is so happy your trophy makes you as happy as your package made us, Kristy! Thank you for letting us tell this story on our blog. It was so “Show Us Your Sue” that we couldn’t resist! Three cheers for never, EVER giving up!

Speaking of Show Us Your Sue…

Trophy Central custom engraved award for Kari Joys

Custom engraved trophy for Random Acts of Trophy-ness “Show Us Your Sue” award winner.

Trophy Central is happy to announce August’s Random Acts of Trophy-ness “Show Us Your Sue” trophy winner Kari Joys, nominated by Carla Horn, previous “Show Us Your Sue winner for “Making a Difference With Positivity & Love”.

Kari won “The Path to Inner Peace Award” for the work she does as a psychotherapist to help people overcome stress, anxiety, depression and abuse.

Congratulations, Kari!

Now it’s up to you! Our Random Acts of Trophy-ness “Show Us Your Sue” award is only as good as the nominations we receive. So please Show Us Your Sue! You can nominate your Random Acts of Trophy-ness pick in the comments section below or on Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #ShowUsYourSue. Don’t forget to tell us why your nominee is trophy-worthy!